15 Photos Of The World's Youngest Parents In The World

Teenage pregnancy has always been a subject of concern for everyone. Though it is very crucial stage for women of all age groups and just imagine if a girl gets pregnant at the age of 6 or even lesser...
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At one point in time, it was considered normal to marry your daughter off to a neighboring family at the tender age of twelve years old in order to build a stronger family and societal foundation. Well, luckily the day and age of selling your daughter off during the beginning of their 'childbearing' years have come to an end and throughout the course of history and time youth and teen pregnancy has dramatically decreased. But please believe these stories still do exist today. Check out the fifteen youngest parents from around the world for yourself below!
The British Pre-Teen Parents
It was only three ago, in 2014, that news outlets around the world were reporting a story of a twelve-year-old girl and thirteen-year-old boy conceiving their first daughter at the tender age of just eleven after dating for just a year. The couple's parents were initially devastated by the situation but, later committed themselves to support their granddaughter in any way. They also mentioned that this would never happen again as well. Talk about moving quick!
Double Trouble
This particular pregnancy begins with a troubled young lady from the UK who was bullied by classmates and was an overall shy person who would confide in her boyfriend during trying times only to conceive her first child at the tender age of thirteen. Her mother had instantly pulled her out of school for home tutoring and a year later at the age of fourteen, she gave birth to her second son. Fool me once...
Sins Of A Father
Sins of a father make your life twelve times harder... This particular youth pregnancy might be one of the saddest on the list as a girl at the tender age of only ten years old gave birth to her father's child in the Philippines. The mother of the ten-year-old spent most of her days at work as the breadwinner and had no idea that her husband had been raping their daughter and urged the ten-year-old to pursue a case against him. The girl's daughter was given up for adoption and the ten-year-old herself was placed in a social welfare program shortly after as well. Extremely sad...
Stomach Pains
A ten-year-old girl, in Argentina, was rushed to the hospital after complaining to her mother about severe stomach pains later to only find out she was already 26 weeks pregnant. Later, it was revealed that she was raped by her fifteen-year-old cousin, who was later caught and imprisoned but the ten-year-old child was forced to have a C-section after 35 weeks of pregnant being that her body wasn't ready for the trials of pregnancy. The baby's lungs were under-developed but both the ten-year-old and child made full recoveries later.
Arranged Marriage
Back in 2010, a ten-year-old Romanian girl made headlines as she was impregnated by her thirteen-year-old cousin as the two would secretly hook up in the presence of their grandmother because their parents were working to bring the bacon home. The mother arranged for the two to live as 'husband and wife' being that Romania still prescribes to arranged marriages but, unfortunately, before the child was born the two split and the ten-year-old girl was relocated to Spain to live with friends and family.
Repeat Offender
A ten-year-old girl, in Bolivia, gave birth to her first daughter via C-section and when questioned as to how she was impregnated, authorities were unable to trace the perp. A little over a year later she gave birth to her second child and disappeared shortly after. The mother of the ten-year-old later confessed that her husband had been raping his daughter since the age of just eight years old and escaped with the young girl and her eldest child only to be later found.
Thank God For Teachers
The youngest documented pregnancy in the state of Illinois goes to a ten-year-old who gave birth via C-section to a baby girl in 1964 and revealed that the father of the child was a sixteen-year-old boy in her neighborhood. A teacher of hers noticed a drastic change in the young girl in which it was later discovered she was pregnant. Thank God for teachers.
Insane Arranged Marriage
Back in 2001, news surfaced that a nine-year-old girl had given birth to a baby girl after the young girl's supposed 'husband' applied for a birth certificate. It was later discovered that she was arranged to be married at the tender age of just eight years old and under Thai law, it stands to be perfectly legal. The sickest part about all this is... The ten-year-old's father was only a year older than the girl's husband. Disgusting if you ask us.
The Little Angel
An eight-year-old girl dressed up as an angel for her third-grade play was later taken to a doctor after falling ill only to discover that she was pregnant. The girl revealed that her 22-year-old cousin, an orphan who was brought in by his aunt and uncle was the father of the child. The girl's father contacted authorities for the cousin's arrest as the eight-year-old girl went on to give birth to a slightly premature baby girl with no pain medication.
The Suspected Drug Smuggler
Back in 2004, Colombian authorities took an eight-year-old girl into custody after noticing her bulging stomach in hopes that they'd catch her in the act of smuggling drugs. Unfortunately, it was later discovered that she was 32 weeks pregnant by a 32-year-old man who had taken advantage of the girl after going to his drug store to retrieve medicine for her sickly mother. What's even worse is that this man was later released claiming that there wasn't enough evidence to lock him up. Gross...
An Arranged Death
An old medical diary was discovered in India that told a tale of a young eight year old girl who had gotten pregnant after an arranged marriage took place in hopes for the girl to live a better life being that her mother was a widow with many children who could barely afford to manage a decent life for her children. The eight-year-old girl was impregnated shortly after and unfortunately died along with the baby while giving birth. The supposed 'husband' of the little girl was not present during her passing.
Child Sex Trafficking
A nine-year-old girl gave birth to her first child in Iran after being sold by her mother for sex beginning at the tender age of eight. The child gave birth to a set of twins at the age of fourteen, later her husband also sold her for sex in which the profits would be spent on illegal drugs for the family. She was later caught by authorities and given the death sentence, human trafficking activists and Iran's toughest lawyers helped get her sentence reduced as she was the true victim of child sex trafficking.
A UTI Turned Pregnancy?
A concerned mother of a nine-year-old girl, in Singapore, took her daughter to the doctor concerned that her daughter might have a urinary tract infection only to discover that she was actually pregnant. Which the young girl later revealed that she had a boyfriend she went to school with and they'd spend a little too much time together. The boy's age is uncertain but, after the child was born the baby was given up for adoption, the nine-year-old girl was transferred to a school outside of Singapore, and the father of the child was sent to a Reformative Training Center.
When Tragedy Strikes
It's 1934, in the Ukraine, and tragic news of a five-year-old being pregnant surfaces, the girl later gave birth at the age of six but, it was later discovered that she was being raped by her own 70-year-old grandfather. Unfortunately, the baby of the young child didn't survive childbirth and the family supposedly relocated to Russia. The worst part is... They took the rapist grandfather with them.
The World's Youngest Mother
The world's youngest mother on record is only five years old... The young Peruvian girl gave birth to a healthy baby boy, which resulted in the jailing of her father who was later released due to lack of evidence. The father of the child remains a mystery to this day. The girl treated the baby boy like a little brother and the rest of the family suit. At ten years old the boy discovered his 'sister' was actually his biological mother. Morality changes over time but, we do believe we should be protecting our children from any type of abuse that could change their lives forever. Protect the kids at all cost.


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