Here's Why Chloe Moretz Is The Most Popular Woman On The Planet Today

She looks smoking hot at #7!
Cole Damon December 7th 2017 Entertainment
You might know her from 2005's The Amityville Horror and from Kick A** 2. Chloe Moretz has grown into a star with a tremendous global reach. She is also known for her down to earth and humble attitude. Recently though, she's been making the headlines - for all the right reasons of course. She's only 20 years old and has a promising career as an actress ahead of her.
She's with Brooklyn Beckham
Brooklyn is only 18 years old but has already become uber popular. With over 10 million followers on Instagram, the young man is a celebrity in his own right. But hooking up with Chloe Moretz guaranteed his climb to the top.
She spoke out against Kim
It takes a great deal of effort to challenge the status quo. And that's exactly what Chloe did when she called out Kim Kardashian for displaying her nude selfies on the internet. This sparked an enormous amount of debates over Twitter.
She has four brothers
She has four brothers. Trevor, Brandon, Colin and Ethan. Chloe loves her brothers to no end and says they are the closest family ever. Perhaps this is why Chloe has a preference for tomboyish looks. And it suits her!
She supports her brothers through thick and thin
When her two brothers announced they were gay, Chloe supported them despite the outpour of hate spurred by bullies across the internet. "No one should care about your sexual orientation, your skin color or your gender" says Chloe.
She had a sister
Chloe wasn't always the only sister in the family. At one time, another girl was born in the family. But she died only two days later. This left a lasting impression in the young mind of Moretz.
Her older brother gave up his career for Moretz
Chloe's older brother Trevor used to have his own acting gig but decided to give it all away for his younger sister. His sacrifice meant that she would see more of the spotlight. Trevor now serves as her mentor and producer.
She loves her dogs
When Chloe was only 6 years old, she got herself the role of Chelsea in The Amityville Horror. The movie had made a deep impact on the young girl. So much that she actually named her dog Fuller after producer Bradley Fuller.
She gets into trouble with her parents
Despite her astronomical climb to fame and fortune, Chloe's parents still get to have a say in her affairs and even grounded the young girl if she got herself into trouble or failed to follow instructions. She's one obedient child.
She does not curse in real life
She played the part of Hit-Girl in the movie Kick A**, which required her to say a bunch of bad words on TV. But that is not who Chloe is in real life. She does not utter curse words at all!
She had to undergo training for the role of Hit Girl
In order to pull off those amazing high flying moves in the movie Kick A**, Chloe had to undergo gymnastics training in the gym. She even underwent training with weapons which are extremely dangerous to use in real life.
She is a method actor
In order to portray a drug addict in the movie "Texas Killing Field", Chloe visited a drug rehabilitation center to prepare for her role. This is why she represented her character so accurately on the big screen.
Could have been in Hunger Games
Not all has been up and up for her. Chloe was originally supposed to star in Hunger Games, but never made it to the final cast. In 2009, she auditioned for Case 39 but was turned down for that role as well.
Charity efforts
In 2010, Chloe and her brother both organized a charity event to raise as much funds as possible for the victims of the Haiti earthquake. This means she is also a good samaritan and ended up helping many people.
Influential teen
In 2014, Time magazine listed Chloe Moretz as one of the most influential teens. The list comprised of 25 people and even included both Sasha Obama and Malia Obama - daughters of the then President of the United States, Barack Obama.
She pretended to be British once
She once pretended to be a British girl to get a role in the movie "Hugo". She even wore a wig and adopted the typical British accent. Chloe even claimed that she recently flew to L.A all the way from Britain.


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