World's Heaviest Woman Dies From Issues Caused By Weight

Christine Kings October 1st 2017 Weird
Eating is such an excellent activity, especially if you're constantly surrounded by good food. However, once you begin gaining weight, all hell breaks lose. Some people are even unlucky enough to gain weight far too quickly than everyone else that they end up getting health complications from it. No matter how much they cut back on eating or do exercise, their bodies just stop cooperating. Click through to read more about a person who had a body that didn't want to stop gaining weight even with medical intervention.
This is Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty
She was considered at the heaviest woman in the world, topping the scales at 1,100 pounds. Her own body couldn't support her weight; so she had to be confined to her bed with round the clock care in order to ensure that she'll be looked after properly by a dedicated team.
At one point, she weighed half a ton
At that moment, she caught the attention of the media all over the world because of her condition. It's just cruel that the whole world had to see her predicament before any help could be offered to her, while her family could have had approached doctors or professionals privately instead.
She didn't leave her bed since she was in her preteen years
Her parents had admitted that she was always heavy as a child but were appalled when they realized that even they put her on diets, she didn't shed any pounds. They initially thought that it was just baby fat on her part.
Her doctors and family were blaming her condition on two different things
Doctors have determined that Eman had a thyroid condition that hindered her from shedding any weight. On the other hand, family members assumed that she only had elephantiasis that affected her weight and body. Well, the doctors were right about their diagnosis.
At age 11, she was far too heavy to walk
Her weight became so uncontrollable at an early age that her knees gave and made it unbearable for her to walk. She had to crawl in order to move around their house, which only made things more difficult for her.
It took 25 years before she could get out of the house again
Because of the difficulties she had with her weight, it took two and a half decades before Eman could see the light of day again. She suffered from a cerebral stroke that left her bedridden and caused her to gain more weight.
A plane had to be modified to fly her out
When doctors from India offered to treat her for free, a plane had to be modified to cater to her 1,100 pound frame. It had to be done or else Eman would only gain more weight and suffer even longer than she should.
She even managed to celebrate her 37th birthday
Earlier this September, Eman was able to celebrate her 37th birthday with the hospital team tasked to look after her. She received a piece of cake as a treat, which is one of the things that she had to stop eating prior to being confined.
Her thyroid condition made her situation worse
The doctors were correct in her diagnosis and managed to pinpoint that Eman had a rare condition that caused her to balloon uncontrollably and cause further health issues. They had to do surgery on her immediately to save her life.
She had to undergo surgery
She was required to lose 220 pounds before she went under the knife. Doctors were successful in giving her a gastric sleeve surgery in order to help her shed more weight. Doctors were quite optimistic about Eman's survival and recovery.
Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty managed to lose half her body weight
After the surgery, Eman managed to lose around 660 pounds! Well, it's obvious why doctors were confident about the surgery that she had undergone. They were even planning on sending her to a rehab facility to help her walk once again.
But it was far too late
She was found dead in her bed at the Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi. Her family had her transfer there from Mumbai after disagreements with her doctor and the costs of caring for her, even if they were promised pro bono care for Eman.
She died from heart disease and kidney failure
She already had these underlying conditions even prior to her surgery. It's just a tragedy that they couldn't be treated while Eman was being put under the knife to lose weight. It could've extended her life if doctors focused on her other conditions as well.
There was nothing else that could be done for her
The fact that they only focused solely on her weight and regaining movement in her limbs is heartbreaking. They should've also tried their best to alleviate other issues caused by her body weight instead of only focusing on getting rid of Eman's body fat.
Rest in peace, Eman
You no longer have to suffer any more surgeries or complications caused by your weight. Hopefully, Eman's condition can help reduce the cases of extreme obesity in different parts of the world. Sometimes, it's not about what people eat, it's just how their bodies are wired.


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