What Your Body Type Says About Your Relationship Style

What does yours?
Gigi Cummings October 1st 2017 Lifestyle
From long ago when we relied much more on our natural instincts to survive. Our bodies revealed a lot about who we were and how we were going to get on in this world. These primal conditions are still relevant in our society today, they are just seen through modern day scenarios. Clueing into these things can reveal a lot about someone if you just pay attention. Your body type can also reveal the type of girl you are in relationships.
The Origin Of The Female Body
We know basic anatomy, from a young age we are taught what the purpose of our body is in this world. But when we dig deeper we see that our bodies house so many myths and reveals ancient wisdoms that we as women can harness and use to empower.
The Celebrated Female Body
As long as history has been documented, we have celebrated the female body for all it provides and all the mysteries it possesses. Men have been enamored by it in more than just a sexual way, the female body has the ability to start wars and inspire great art.
Women In History
Many famous women in history have been know to use their female essence to get to the top of infamy. Queens and great names of history would have been just wives and faded into the background unless they decided to take what the got and go for it.
Sexualizing The Female Body
After centuries and centuries of women being adored for their physique and men obsessing over it to the point of possession women began to lose their power as works of art and faced over sexualization, this gave women the spotlight but also diminished their power as people.
Jealous, Distant Or Outgoing?
You wouldn't think it but your body type can tell if you are a jealous, distant or outgoing when dealing with relationships. Notice the different curves and shapes in your body to see which figure your match up with to reveal this characteristic.
Apple Bottomed
Women who are more apple bottomed in physical shape is a sign that you produce more endorphins and have a happier personality. It is also a sign that you prefer monogamy to more casual relationships and flings.
Banana Mama
If your body type is more closely related to a banana than a more shapely fruit, you tend to be skinnier, more slender and definitely more particular when seeking out a mate. Harness your banana shaped power and never settle for ordinary.
Never Forget Your Shape Is Uniquely Beautiful
Just because your body shape can reveal a lot about your personality and how you may behave in certain social and relationship situations. Remember all bodies are different and all bodies no matter what the shape and size are beautiful.
Crazy For Peanuts
If you have a peanut shaped body you most likely have a tiny natural waist and beautiful voluptuous well balances curves. Peanut women know how to flaunt what they have and they tend to be confident and strong.
Prickly Pear
A pear shaped woman is going to brace her curves and her sumptuous self no matter what society thinks about her body. She tends to be more open minded about relationships and down for some fun flings and one night stands.
Shapely Strawberry
You are a strawberry woman and you are proud of it. You are busty and fun and love to show off your juicy curves. You aim to seek relationships with smart people, not only in romantic partner but also in friendships.
Diamond Strong
If you identify with more of a diamond shape, you may feel like you are more comfortable being an introvert and can come off as very shy. Don't let these qualities bring you down, you are strong like a diamond once you find it within.
The Wild Inverted Triangle
You are busty and loud, you are the life of the party. You show off your lovely melons and love the attention you receive. You don't think as much before you act and can be a bit more reckless than your fellow fruit shaped friends.
An Oval Sense For Fashion
You are oval shaped and you know how to work it. You are fashion forward and always on trend. Friends are always asking you for wardrobe advice and you are always getting complimented on how well you dress your fab physique.
Sassy Spoon
You have hips for days. When you walk you strut and you can take over the world with just one hip thrust. Men drool over you and you tend to be quite opinionated and stubborn. Your spoon shape is your power and anyone will fall before you.


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