15 Ways to Friendzone Your Guy Friend Who Likes You Without Being Rude

This might save a lot of lives!
Gigi Cummings September 30th 2017 Lifestyle
You meet a guy at a bar, he's great and he asks you out. You guys go on a date and you realize halfway through that you are having a great time you just don't feel that spark. But you are having so much fun with him, you would really like to be friends with him. How do you transition from date status to only friends without hurting him or making things awkward? Men and women can be friends but there is a fine line to tread when keeping guys in the friend zone.
Physical Touch
When keeping a guy you met in the friend zone, it's important to keep physical touch as platonic as possible. if he begins to get too touchy, keep your body language unapproachable and angled away from his body to let him know you are not interested.
He's One Of The Girls
Invite him over to your girls nights to show him that you don't really see him in a romantic way. He will enjoy a fun night out with the girls being the center of attention and you will be able to keep him in the friend zone without hurting his feelings.
Play Cupid
Play his matchmaker, set him up with one of your friends. Talk about how certain girls would be really good for him. If he starts to protest and tries to tell you how he would like a girl like you, avoid that conversation and tell him you have someone perfect for him.
Be Vague
When he sends you a text complimenting you, or saying things that are way beyond the friendship barrier, be very vague about responding to the compliments. A simple, "aww thanks" is all you need to reply, and it gets the message across that you aren't interested.
Bring Your Boyfriend Everywhere
To keep your guy friends as just friends, make sure that your boyfriend or the guy you are dating is always present in some way, whether you are telling your guys friends about the funny thing your boyfriend said, or you leave early to go back to your guys place.
...Like A Brother
There is nothing that kills the sexual energy faster than relating the person you are talking to as being like one of your relatives. Remind your guy friends that they are like brothers to you and you won't have to worry about their sexual advances.
Don't Return The Favor
If your guy friend starts to shower you in gifts and favors, and you suspect he is doing it in order to get out of the friend zone with you, make sure you don't return the favors. be kind and say thank you but you don't owe anyone anything, so don't give in.
Be Extra Comfortable Around Him
Be as comfortable as you would be around your girlfriends but without any of the sexiness of being with your boyfriend. Wear your ugliest sweats, burp out loud, and don't care about your looks. He will get the hint if you don't give him the goods.
Such A Good Friend
Sometimes guys need a little bit of a reminder that you aren't interested, even if you have had many conversations about the subject, make sure you use the word "friend" in conversations often just to get your point across
Just Friends
When anyone asks how close you and your guy friend is, make sure to always be the one to answer first, reply with "just friends" so that there is no way that it can be miscommunicated that you interests are purely platonic.
Don't Budge Even For A Second
Sometimes it's nice to have a guy around when you are lonely and need someone to lean on. Don't let yourself fall into this pattern, especially after a couple drinks, if you let your guard down than a guy might think its his time to swoop.
No Sleepovers
Try and avoid any situation possible where your guy friend might have to sleep over with you. Even if you are too drunk to drive home, take an uber because he may see this as a signal that you are trying to get physical with him romantically.
Don't Let Him Be Your Rebound
If you happen to go through a breakup while you are hanging out with your guy friend, do not let yourself use your friend as a rebound to get back at your ex, if will ruin your friendship and give your guy friend hope he is getting out of the friend zone.
Bring In Backup
Make sure all of your girlfriends are up to date with what is going on with your guy friends, they can be your biggest help in keeping your guy friends in the friend zone. You will need your squad to be your backup to keep those guys in line.
From Friend Zone To Love Of Your Life
If you feel like you are catching feelings for one of your guy friends, don't keep him in the friend zone, many great relationships start out as friends, so see if things are going to work out and be upfront about your intentions, could be the love of your life.


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