3 Women Arrested For a Double Homicide That Left Police In Tears

Sometimes even the police see something that makes them cower in fear, and this is one of those stories.
Cole Damon September 30th 2017 Weird
Cops deal with the worst side of humanity on an everyday basis. They have to investigate cases of murder, kidnapping, assaults, rapes, and much more, which makes them battle hardened. It is hard to make a cop emotional with these things because it is part of their job; a cop deals with these things so much that they learn how to deal with them.

However, sometimes a case becomes so horrific that even the cops, who have been dealing with the worst that humans can do for decades, can't help but break down crying. That is exactly what happened with the cops on this case. When they saw what had happened to the children in the hotel room and how the bed sheets had been used they couldn't help themselves. This often happens in cases involving children - even the cops cannot handle the pain and suffering that children go through and they end up becoming too emotional.
The Crime Scene
When the cops entered the motel they were expecting to find children that had been kidnapped, because that is what they had been told. However when they entered what they saw was so brutal that they couldn't help but cry. They saw two sweet little boys, badly bruised and beaten. They immediately realizes that this was something more than a kidnapping and that the women who had called them in weren't as innocent as what they were claiming to be.
The 911 Call
It all began with a 911 call. One of the 3 women in the hotel room called the police. They claimed that the boys had run away from home and they had been found by other kids. According to the woman who called, the other kids who had found these runaway children had badly hurt them and they required medical help.
The Police Were Suspicious
Immediately the police were suspicious, because the story didn't make a lot of sense. If the boys had ran away from home why would they go to a motel? How would a bunch of kids even rent a room in a motel and stay there? Then, if they were found by other kids, why did the other kids start beating the kids who had been found? However, the first priority of the police was to reach the scene and make sure the kids were safe, which is exactly what they saw.
What the cops saw
When the cops entered the hotel room they saw a horrific sight. They say the two boys who had been brutally beaten. They were wrapped in the hotel's bed sheets like they were in a cocoon. This was done so the children will not be able to use their hands to protect themselves from a beating. Another reason for the cocoon was so it would hide injury marks.
Why the bed sheets?
Direct hits to the body can leave marks, but muffling the hit with a bed sheet may allow the pain to be distributed more. It would still hurt a lot but not leave too much of a mark. This was another sign that the 2 boys had been beaten by adults and not kids who would not think of such things.
The Boys
The two sweet boys who went through this were just 5 and 6. Their names were Alexander Stephens and Damyan Stephens. Both were sweet boys who liked to go to school and play with their friends.
Why They Were Beaten
When the cops learnt the reason the kids were beaten so badly they couldn't believe how cruel people could be. The day before the police were called, they had taken some food and eaten it without permission. That was their only crime - eating food which the mother and her friend wanted to eat. For this they were beaten for more than 22 hours to the point where one of them became unresponsive.
What Happened to the boys
Sadly, the police were too late to help the boys. While one of them survived and will go on to live his life without the tyranny of his mother and his friend, his 5 year old brother wasn't so lucky. He was pronounced dead soon after being brought to the hospital. Doctors tried their best to save him, but the beatings over 22 hours had done so much internal damage that they were incompatible with life.
Who Beat Them
Things only got more surreal when it was learnt who beat them. The boys were beaten to death by their own mother Theresa Hawkins-Stephen, along with her friend Rachel Bostian. That's not all - Rachel Bostian's mother was also there. Instead of stopping the horrific beating and saving the children's lives she helped the 2 younger girls beat the kids and was arrested along with them.
People are in shock
People are, rightfully, in shock over this. When something horrific happens to an adult people are sad. When something horrific happens to children however, people are shocked and saddened beyond belief. The reason is very simple; children are defenseless and never deserve the bad things that happen to them. With adults you can think that maybe they should have made different life choices, but children cannot control their own lives. Horrific things happen to them only because horrible adults do those things to them.
What is happening to the beaters now
They were arrested and were charged with assault and child endangerment. Once the child died however the charges were updated to murder for the two young women.
Child beating is more common that you think
There are a lot more such cases which never reach the police. In this case the women only called the police when one of the children became unresponsive. If he hadn't become unresponsive the police would never have been called and no one would have known about this.
Children do not tell on their parents
The horrible parents who do this to their children are able to get away with it only because their sweet children don't complain. The children think it is normal - this is the life they were born in - and thus they do not say anything to authority figures or the police.
What can we do to end such things?
There is no simple solution. One solution which is starting to be widely employed is to use teachers. Teachers who suspect that children are being abused at home can have the kids talk to a professional to make sure that they are safe.
No easy solution
There is no solution which can eliminate this problem 100%. Even teachers cannot help all the time, because many of these kids are home schooled.


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