Boy Gets Haircut To Look Like His Adopted Best Friend, The Reason Why Will Warm Your Heart

Cole Damon September 30th 2017 Inspiration
Children are innocent and loving by nature. They aren't full of hate and they don't know how to hate anyone. Often they do not even see color as we will see in this story. This story is about a Caucasian boy who made a sweet request and his mother posted it on Facebook. It quickly went viral, getting thousands of likes and shares. One look at the picture and you'll see why a kid thinking a haircut makes him look like the other kid is so heartwarming.
It all started with a request to his mom
Jax had a great idea. He wanted to get the exact same haircut as his best friend Reddy. This wasn't just so he would fit in or because he liked the haircut of his friend. The real reason he wanted to get the same haircut is hilarious.
He wanted to prank his teachers
Jax is a fun loving student and he wanted to play a prank on his teachers. His prank was that he would get the same haircut as Reddy, and then confuse the teachers by walking into class with Reddy the next day.
He thought the teachers wouldn't know who is who
The most precious part of the story is that Jax's prank was to confuse his teachers about who was who. He thought that if he got the exact same haircut that Reddy had he would be able to fool all the teachers into thinking he was Reddy.
He thought hairstyle was the only difference between them
People often claim that they don't see color, but Jax may be the first one to truly prove it. When his mom asked him if his teachers could recognize them some other way, he had no answer. He didn't even see that Reddy looked so different.
It shows that racism is taught
This simple lesson shows that racism isn't something that anyone is grown with. That is why the post went viral, first on Facebook and then everywhere else. People loved that Jax had the perfect outlook on life. It was inspirational
Reddy is from Congo
Reddy and his brother were adopted by the local pastor. They are both from Congo and were adopted so they could survive in a better environment than the one that they had back at home. Both live with the Pastor and his wife.
He is truly accepted
Jax is Reddy's best friend. If people had any doubts about how well Reddy will be able to fit in once he came to America there fears went away when they saw how Jax and the others accepted him as one of his own.
The post is perfect for these trying times
We are living in times with a lot of racial tension. There is a rise in nationalism and fascism as well as racism. People are hating people of other skin colors, people of other religions, people from other regions, and people with different ideologies.
We all need to be more like Jax
The reality is that we are all people and we aren't defined just by the color of our skin. We all need to realize this, as many of us have some internalized racism. Jax proved through his innocent prank idea that he had no ingrained racism.
There is no 'other team'
The tribal thinking of "Us vs. Them" isn't needed anymore. We are way beyond that type of thinking. We need to accept each other's differences and realize that in the end what all of us want is to live a happy life full of love.
Jax's mom obliged
Once she saw the outpouring of love and support for Jax's idea on Facebook the mom decided that it had to be done. So she took both Jax and Reddy to the salon and told the hairdresser to make sure that Jax's hair looked exactly like Reddy's.
The haircut was perfect
The hairdresser was talented and made sure that the haircut was perfect. Jax was delighted as well and happy that he now looked exactly like his best friend Reddy. They both posed for a picture which the mom posted on Facebook.
The pastor was touched as well
When the pastor and his wife adopted the two kids from Congo they were worried about them being accepted in the community. Their hearts were warmed when they heard about what Jax wanted and when they saw all the love and respect on Facebook.
Reddy came to America two years ago
It has been two years since Reddy and his brother shifted to America with their adopted parents. They are fitting in greatly at their new school and have made lots of friends. Reddy and Jax are best friends and are inseparable.
We should all aspire to be like Jax and Reddy
We need to stop looking for differences between us and instead look at what unites us. We need to learn a lesson from Jex and Reddy and try to be more like them. It would make the world a much better place for everyone.


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