See What Happened When a Woman Found Her Birth Mother After 33 Years of Searching

Cole Damon September 30th 2017 Inspiration
Many adopted children do not want to meet their parents, but Julie wasn't like them. She had always wanted to know who her mother was. When she was young she thought it was just a childish notion, but as she grew older the desire only became stronger. She wanted to know who her mother was, why she had given her up for adoption, and how she was living now. It wasn't an easy job.
Adoption laws prevent information from being released
According to laws related to adoption birth parents can hide their names. Most states will allow you to access your records, but some do not reveal your original birth certificate if it has the name of your birth mother on it.
The laws exist to protect women
The laws exist because if someone gives a child up for adoption, they must have a good reason for it. They may not want the world to know that they had a child, or they may be under some pressure. The ability to keep their name secret makes it easier.
Giving a child up for adoption is a tough matter
No one wants to give away their child. Mothers who do it generally do it because they have no other choice. Some because they can barely support themselves and supporting a child financially is impossible. Others because of societal pressure.
The birth mother has the choice
The birth mother can decide whether she wants to stay anonymous or if she wants the record to be public. If she chooses to be anonymous then the government agencies do not reveal their names no matter who asks them to.
Julie's mom had chosen to remain anonymous
Julie's mother had opted to not reveal her name. She had pleaded with the adoption agency as well as the government agencies but she didn't get her mother's name. It would have been a violation of her mother's right to privacy.
Ohio changed its laws
Last year the state of Ohio changed its laws regarding birth certificates. It allowed children to find out who their mothers were once they were adults. This allowed Julie to finally get info on her birth mother and she got her name.
She then got her number
She didn't just get the name of her birth mother, she also got her phone number and her home address. She had everything that she needed to go and meet the woman who had given her up for adoption. Yet, things weren't so simple.
Julie had to build courage first
She didn't know how her birth mother would react. She didn't even know if her birth mother would want to talk to her. She had waited for this moment for 33 years, but now that it was here she didn't know if it was a good idea.
But she was tough
Finally, she decided that she had to make the call. Sadly, the call went to voicemail. However, on the voicemail message, Julie heard her birth mother's voice for the first time ever. She sounded like a sweet old woman in the message.
She prepared a script
Julie had no idea what she was going to say. Thus she decided to write a script which had everything that she would want to say over the phone. This helped a lot, as it reduced the anxiety of having to wonder what to say to her mother.
She called again the next day
Then Julie got her courage again and called her the next day. She got in touch with the woman and told her she wanted to ask something. She told her that she was born on the 18th of May in 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio and was placed for adoption.
She heard silence
She waited for an answer but she didn't get any. All she got was silence, but the line wasn't cut. She gathered her courage and she kept reading from her script. She told the mother that she didn't want anything, just wanted to talk to her.
Then her mother started crying
The mother started crying. She told Julie that she had never wanted to give up her baby, but she was forced to. She said that she couldn't raise a child in 1966 in Ohio without being married. It was a different time and her hands were forced.
They now have a beautiful relationship
After the phone call, Julie and her birth mother Lyssa finally met. She was a sweet woman and they quickly created a bond. She introduced the birth mother to her adopted parents as well. They talked a lot about Julie growing up and went through a lot of old photos.
They are now inseparable
Now Lyssa and Julie stay in touch all the time. Lyssa had always wondered what had happened to the baby she gave up. She was thankful that she had been adopted by a loving family. She never wanted Julie to be out of her life again.


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