Man Finds Out His Wife Is 4 Months Pregnant From Another Man After His Wedding

Feel for the guy.
Cole Damon September 30th 2017 Entertainment
A man spent his entire life in celibacy and committing to one woman only to find that she was 4 months pregnant with someone else's baby after tying the knot! Think of what thoughts must be going down his brain when he found this heartbreaking story. His faithfulness and loyalty were completely lost on his wife who didn't give two cents about it!
The wedding
They tied the knot in a traditional wedding which involved exchanging vows and even the bouquet throwing ceremony, all in a rich, colorful and packed crowd. It was dream come true for the man who could not wait to spend the rest of his life committing to the one woman he truly loved.
But then the doctor visits happened
The man already knew that something was up with his wife, what with the protruding belly and all, but he chose to feign ignorance, thinking that she got fat or something. But visits to the doctor revealed damning conclusions. The routine check-ups exposed the girl for what a fraud she was! Since they never consummated their love, it is obvious she had relations with another man!
He now has profound hatred for her
The man waited years in celibacy and devoted his entire being to this one woman only to find that she was cheating around! The doctor's visits have filled him with debilitating depression, his cheerful persona has turned into bitterness and the guy now has absolute hatred towards her. Would any self-respecting man have done differently?
Should he have continued loving her?
Was the woman forced into sexual relations with the other man? Or did she enter into her brief fling willingly? Is this part and parcel of her persona? Can she be given another chance? These are the questions that run through his brain as he contemplates whether to completely dump her or continue the marriage. But once the trust is gone, it is replaced with only suspicion.
When there is no trust - there is no happiness
Says the man who lost it all. "I deeply cared for her. I doubt I can forgive her and start over, since the trust has gone." Indeed, the trust has gone, and if the man continues his bitter relationship, he will only spend the rest of his time on the edge of his seat wondering if she's working at the office or having relationships elsewhere.
The man should have been more cautious
Blindly trusting her may have served to waste his youth. The fact that he put his sexual life on hold because of this one woman shows that he was head over heels for her. The love blinded him and he miscalculated, misjudged and committed to the wedding without trusting his instincts - which did hint at her infidelity.
He will have to file a proper divorce in courts
While over half the marriages in the US result in divorce and separation, the entire process is arduous, takes time and results in a lot of financial loss for both spouses. The man will have to spend time filing a divorce petition in court and most likely will need the services of an expensive lawyer to ensure the woman doesn't get entitled to alimony.
Infidelity in the US
Around 60% of all marriages in the US involve some form of infidelity or another. While exact figures can't be quoted here because of the secretive nature of extramarital affairs, one thing is for certain: infidelity is not the primary cause for divorces. The issue of divorces run far deeper than that.
The main reason for divorces in the US
It may surprise you but infidelity is not the main reason for most divorces in the US. Some of these reasons include i) childless marriages, ii) domestic violence and iii) losing love for each other. So will the man file for divorce or decide to father someone else's child? Every time he'll see that kid strolling around, it would remind him of his wife's past relationships.
So why did the woman commit to this man in the first place?
She was well aware of his commitment to celibacy and their relationship. But she continued to keep him around even though she never really agreed with his noble ideals. Couldn't she let him know that she was about to commit to someone else because of his attachment to celibacy? We believe she should have let him know what was really going on.
Was she deliberately fooling around with him?
She went through with the marriage knowing full well that someone else's baby was dwelling in her belly. This makes us believe she was messing around with him. He would have eventually caught on to her cheating habits because of the pregnancy anyways. If she was the one to reveal the secret to him instead of the doctor, perhaps the man would have forgiven her.
Is she entitled to alimony?
Now that the man is planning to go through with the divorce because he doesn't want someone else's child around, is the woman entitled to alimony? Should she receive part of his income and property after separation? In most divorces, the breadwinning spouse is most often ordered by the courts to pay alimony. And if this happens to be the case with our man here, he'll definitely stand to lose.
Massive financial loss
The man is committed to get rid of his cheating spouse, but now that the marriage has been recognized by the state, it will require a grueling fight in courts to annul the ties once and for all.
It could require him to pay her money
Often times the jobless spouse, or the one with children is paid alimony. This woman is jobless> check She has a child> check. Seems like the man is looking in at least 18 years' worth of alimony.
All because he wanted to be celibate
Would she have cheated around if he had decided to be a little 'less' celibate? Should he have made love to her at least once to mitigate the woman's sexual frustrations? At the least he should have acknowledged her sexual activities and done something about them. Now he's looking in at years' worth of court battles simply because he feigned ignorance.


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