Man Re-Proposes To Wife of 26 Years After Breast Cancer Surgery

Cole Damon September 30th 2017 Inspiration
We all know about the vows we take during marriage. We are asked to stick with our loved ones in sickness and in health. However, sticking by can mean many different things. This man showed the true meaning of sticking by a person in times of sickness and in health, and the reaction he got from the wife is priceless. We hope we also have a wife or husband who is this dedicated to us!
They have been married for 27 years
Jim and Lora Koch have been married for 27 years and have been in love for much longer. This is important because it tells you why Jim did what he did for Lora. This wasn't a new infatuation, this was a love that has already lasted a lifetime.
Lora was diagnosed with Breast cancer
1 in 8 women get breast cancer, and Lora was among them. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer the whole family was distraught. Jim and their kids didn't know what to do, they didn't know how to cope with the news.
They were there for her
Jim and the kids did the one thing they could do - be there for her. That was their main focus, to make sure that Lora had the comfort and support that she needed during this time. Sometimes that is the most important thing that you can do.
She was the strongest
The most amazing thing for Jim and the kids was how strong Lora was throughout the cancer. Instead of becoming depressed she had a fighting spirit. Instead of crying over her fate she decided to enjoy the time she had, knowing that it may be limited
Breast cancer is a huge problem
Breast cancer is a very common cancer and 20% of women end up getting it. That is why so much awareness is spread for it. It is one of the most common cancers in the world and results in a lot of deaths every year.
They were married 27 years ago
Jim and Lora Koch got married all the way back in October of 1990. They have kids together and have stayed together for all these years. They have been many tough times, but none as tough as when Lora got breast cancer.
Lora had to get surgery
In order to ensure that Lora could live a long and fulfilling life doctors recommended mastectomy. She would have to undergo surgery, as this was the only way to ensure that the cancer doesn't spread to the rest of the body.
Self-checks ensure detection
This is also why it is so important to raise awareness about breast cancer and how women need to test themselves for lumps. If the cancer isn't detected in time and spreads to the rest of the body it results in death.
Mastectomy is often the only answer
If the cancer has grown so much that there is a risk of it infecting other sites the only solution is a mastectomy, which means the removal of the breast completely. If it is just starting out then chemo works, otherwise doctors don't like taking chances.
The surgery went well
The whole family finally got a bit of good news when the surgery was successful. All the cancerous parts of the body were removed and Lora was cancer free. She had to stay in the hospital while she recovered but was active and happy.
Jim fell in love again
When Jim saw how hard his wife had endured during this whole saga, he fell in love with her all over again. He was reminded of why he proposed to her the first time. He realized the whole process had made him fall in love again.
This love gave him an idea
Realizing that the last time he had felt this way he had proposed to her, he got the idea to propose to her again. It wasn't planned - he just saw Lora and realized that he wanted to make her feel special. He knew proposing to her again would do it.
He went to buy a ring
He didn't just propose to her like that - he did the whole ritual. He went to buy a ring, something which he can slip onto her finger after she says yes to her proposal. He knew he had to get the perfect ring but needed help in that regard.
He went with the youngest child
He went to the jewelry with his youngest daughter Christin. He knew Christin had a great eye for jewelry and would be able to find a ring that Lora would love. That was the most important thing - to make things perfect for Lora.
Then he proposed
Finally, with the perfect ring, he proposed to her by getting on his knew. She loved the proposal and cried tears of joy. Jim took a time when his wife felt the most vulnerable and instead turned it into one of her most positive memories.


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