15 Non-Sexual Things That Men Find Extremely Attractive About Women

Sexy aren't just looks...
Gigi Cummings September 30th 2017 Lifestyle
Men are visual creatures. The often compliment a woman on the way she looks. They will comment on your individual physical features. They don't notice the small things like if you are wearing new earrings, or if you got your nails done. Their instincts are more primal than that. They are intuitively triggered by the rise and fall of your breasts while you are laying on the couch, and your subtle curves when you are wearing his oversized shirt. But there are plenty of things that a man love about a woman that are completely nonsexual. These are small things that you don't even realize you are doing but that men find irresistible and sexy.
The Way You Carry Yourself
Looking sexy is more than just how you look on a night out in a little black dress. It comes from the way you carry yourself and men notice. When you present yourself with confidence, men will find you absolutely irresistible.
The Way You Look At Him
When you look at him with complete adoration, a guy notices. He wants to adore you, but he also needs to feel wanted as well. When you look at him lovingly, he feels like he is on top of the world and he wants you to be his queen.
When You Are Genuinely You
We all love to dress up for our guys, we want to feel our prettiest when we are around someone we are attracted to. But what a guy really finds sexy is when you don't put up any fronts and you are completely yourself, quirks and all.
The Way You Love
What a guy finds incredibly attractive is the way you show you love him and have chosen him because of who he is in your life. When you open your heart to him he feels like he is cared for and your sex appeal is brought to an even higher level.
You Live With Passion
Your guy wants the best for you, he thinks you are incredible and believes you can do anything. If you live your life with a fire and passion, you become instantly the sexiest girl in the room. Loving your life is hot, so embrace all you have to offer.
The Way You Smile
Smiles are infectious, they radiate good energy from person to person. When someone you love smiles, your whole world is filled with sunshine. So it's no surprise that your smile is something so irritably sexy to a man, so keep smiling you beautiful bombshell.
Your Sense Of Humor
Your smile lights up a room, and he loves to make you laugh. But the sexiest thing of all is your sense of humor. The more you guys laugh and play together. The less you take life seriously and find the humor in everything, the sexier you become to him.
The Way You Walk
A guy doesn't notice the way you put one foot in front of the other, but he notices how when you walk into a room the whole place seems to glow, or when you are walking by his side, you turn up to look at him and grab his hand. Your walk shows your aura and thats sexy.
The Way She Helps Others
You are always there to lend a helping hand. And you are always willing to listen to him when he has had a rough day at work. Your compassion and want to be his person to lean on seems effortless to you but is so attractive to him.
The Way You Push Him To Be His Best
You love him for him, and he appreciates your acceptance of who he is. But you also see the best in him and push him on the daily to be the best version of himself. Whether you want him to strive to get the job of his dreams, or live a healthy lifestyle, your there for him.
The Way You Touch Him
Physical touch is more than a sexual moment with men. A lot of men use physical touch as a way of reassurance that they are being cared for. The way you hug him, the way you stroke his hair, they make him feel loved and you become more attractive than ever.
The Way You Listen
Men may not be the best communicators. But they need you and your listening and communicating skills in order to convey themselves emotionally. He appreciates so much that you are there to listen to him, even if you don't think it means much, is does.
When You Fight For What You Want
You aren't just a person in his life, you are a person who has their own life and he wants you to fight for what you believe in to be your truth. Do not dull yourself because you are afraid to be too much to your guy, your fire is what gets him going.
The Way You Talk
You might talk in a stream of consciousness way that you think drives him crazy, or you might be a lady of few words. But he finds the way you talk to be so adorable and attractive. You should never be self conscious about who you are, he finds all of you sexy.
You Love Your Body
You wear what you want to wear, you walk around the house naked, you embrace every curve and shape of your body because it is your and completely unique to you. Not only does he find that physically attractive, but your self love is the biggest turn on.


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