15 Top Reasons Why Men Cheat On Their Wives Or Girlfriends

I don't think there should be any excuse to cheat though.
Harriet King September 29th 2017 Lifestyle
What is it about men that causes them to cheat? Even when they seem to have the perfect relationship going on, it's as though it's never enough to stop some of them from straying. Studies have revealed that women tend to cheat when they're emotionally unsatisfied with their partners. For men, it's a whole different ball game and it often has little to do with how happy - or unhappy - they are in their current relationship.
They Love To Lie
For most women, sneaking around and lying is enough to put them off the idea of an extramarital affair. For some men, it can actually be a positive. Plenty of male cheaters have confessed that lying and getting away with it is thrilling, and adds to the excitement of the affair in general. We hope they at least feel a little bit guilty!
They're Insecure
Men who are insecure and lack confidence in their relationship often cheat out of a desire for more control. Whether they think their partner is too good for them, or they feel like they're not in the driver's seat in their existing relationship, cheating can provide reassurance that they're still in control of something.
They're Immature
Sometimes, men are just too immature to realize what they have right in front of them! If this is the case, they might cheat in order to impress their buddies with a string of sexual conquests. They may even think it's impressive to "fool" their girlfriend and brag about it. Needless to say, these men should be dumped immediately.
They Have Emotional Baggage
Some men have been hurt before, whether by an ex or even a family member. While many of us learn to forgive and forget, some people can't move past it, and as a result, they find it difficult to trust and become truly intimate with people again. These types of people often cheat because they fear being hurt again.
Their Relationship Isn't Perfect
Nobody has the perfect relationship. Some of us try to work on that with our partners, while others turn to cheating as a way to make themselves feel better. But cheating never solved anything and only hurts everyone in the end. If you can't fix your relationship it's better to end it, rather than cheat on your partner.
They're Bored
After the thrilling 'honeymoon phase' in a relationship, things tend to settle down a bit. The sex is less frequent and spending every spare moment together isn't as exciting as it used to be. Some men find themselves getting bored in this new, comfortable phase of their relationship and turn to cheating in order to experience that thrill again.
They Don't Feel Sexually Satisfied
We hear this defense all the time in movies and TV shows: "It was just sex, she doesn't mean anything to me." This is certainly the honest truth for most of the men spouting the 'just sex' excuse, but that doesn't make it any more acceptable. Many men even believe they have a right to look elsewhere if their sexual needs aren't being met.
They Can't Resist A Sexy Co-Worker
One of the most common places for affairs to start is in the workplace. When two attractive colleagues are forced to interact with each other on a daily basis, it's not really a surprise when they eventually end up getting it on. A co-worker also comes with the added benefit of not being connected to your mutual friends.
They're Not Being Taken Care Of Emotionally
Sex isn't the only area of the relationship that might be causing problems. Some men end up cheating because they're not getting the emotional care they need from their partner. When you feel lost or alone in your relationship and another person is giving you the attention you crave, it can become almost impossible to resist them.
They're Feeling Guilty About Something Else
If your man has recently experienced guilt about a completely separate issue in the relationship, he may be feeling ashamed and insecure while he tries to get over it. These feelings can often lead men to cheat on their partner, which sounds counterintuitive, but is shockingly common. Nothing like a side of guilt to go with that guilt!
Their Friends Are Doing It
It's very possible that some men don't even think about cheating. That is, until they see their friends having a whole lot of fun doing it. It tends to make them feel more comfortable if they convince themselves that "everyone's doing it." Hearing about their buddy's exciting 'sexploits' is likely to inspire them to seek out some of their own.
They Can't Pass Up A One-Night Stand
Some men simply can't pass up a chance sexual encounter with a hot lady. Add alcohol, music, and dancing to the mix and you've got a recipe for a one-night stand disaster. These guys simply don't have the willpower to say no, and while their actions aren't necessary malicious, it doesn't make it any less painful for their partner.
They're Self-Sabotaging
Sometimes, when we feel like we're undeserving of nice things, we'll unconsciously do anything we can to sabotage it. In some relationships, men can feel like they're not good enough for their partner, so they cheat as a way to ruin what they feel like they don't deserve. Others might consciously self-sabotage as a way to get out of a dead-end relationship.
They Feel Persecuted
If they feel like they can't do anything right in their current relationship, some men will seek comfort in the arms of another woman. Constant nagging and arguing at home can cause a lot of stress, which some people like to relieve in the form of an extramarital affair. It's not justified, but they reach a point where they can't take it anymore.
They're In Love With Someone Else
This is the nightmare scenario for anyone who discovers their partner has been cheating. Somewhere along the way, relationships can die and new ones can form on the side. It may have been a love that blossomed at work, or even in their morning yoga class. It's not a good reason to cheat, but sometimes it's just the way it goes.


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