Pictures Reveal Similarities Between Incoming and Outgoing US Presidents

Cole Damon September 29th 2017 Entertainment
To become the President of the United States of America seems like one amazing yet incredibly difficult job. Even making it to the podium is surely one of the toughest challenges considering that you would have to stand out from a lot of other political figures within your party. Then to be nominated and elected is a whole different story.
The Campaigning
Once you're past that, the excruciatingly lengthy and exhausting process of campaigning ensues. You do almost anything and everything in order to be able to win over support and defeat your opponent who will do the same to you!
The Rapid Ageing
It comes as no surprise that all the presidents who have come and gone have aged much faster due to the stress all this responsibility puts on a human being. Here is the most recent example. Just look at the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. The image on the left is from when he was sworn in and the one on the right when he was in the final days of his second term. At just 55 years old, you can see clearly how quickly the ageing kicked in from 8 years ago.
A Trending Thing
It wasn't just a case with Obama. You can take up about any President who has held office in the White House and you will see the vivid similarity. Just take a look at this photographic comparison of President Franklin D. Roosevelt from 1933 and 1945. If you're aware of history, you would know that Franklin Delano Roosevelt had taken office in what could be one of the most testing periods of time. The Second World War was one of the most devastating wars that modern history has ever seen with conflicts happening on multiple fronts on a global scale. No wonder Roosevelt looks drastically different in the two photographs.
Even Bush Jr. had it Rough
George W. Bush Jr. - before and after his presidency. He came into office a year before the horrific September 11 attacks. Serving for two terms in office, he also faced a lot of challenges and they took their toll on him. A comparison between Bush in 2000 and 2008. Just look!
Being Sworn in
It's almost crazy to think that Obama and Trump might have any similarities other than the fact that they were Presidents of the United States. Take a look at this Image of President Trump and First Lady Melania standing besides the Former President Obama and Former First Lady Michelle standing side by side after Trump was sworn into office. Trump looks stiff having been handed arguably the biggest responsibility on the planet while Obama and Michelle are having a bit of a giggle having spent two terms together at the White House looking forward to a future that is free from the pressures of the Presidency.
Now Look at This
This is the photo from back in 2009 after Obama was sworn into the Presidency by George W. Bush Jr. You cannot help but notice an eerie similarity between the two photographs. President and the First Lady Michelle look stern as they are about to face a big challenge, while Former President Bush and Former First Lady Laura are all smiles and Bush is waving for the cameras.
Generations Apart
This accounting for similarities between the 16th President and the 44th President of the United States has more to do with factors other than appearances. President Obama and President Lincoln aka Honest Abe have been considered quite similar in many ways.
Anti-War Sentimentality
Both presidents after coming to term were opposed to their immediate predecessor's move towards a state of war. Lincoln spoke against the Mexican-American war while Obama was very vocal about his opposition to the war in Iraq.
There's Always a First Time
Both these presidents were also firsts in some respect. President Abraham Lincoln, at the time of taking office was the first ever President in the United States elected from the Republican Party. President Obama became the first African American man to become the serve as the President.
Tall and Skinny
President Obama and President Lincoln were both quite tall individuals and of a petite physical stature.
Civil Rights Benefactors
One of the most significant similarities between the two presidents was the fact that their terms in office witnessed remarkable changes for good in Civil Rights.
The Debates
This is a photograph of the Presidential debate between Trump and Hillary. It's part of the whole campaigning process that all Presidents have to go through in order to be able to win over voters.
Black and White but Not so Different
Presidential debates provide a good insight in to the characters of the Candidates running for office and have done so for years. This is a photograph of the presidential debate between Kennedy and Nixon.
The Mothers
There is one thing that all of the presidents of the United States of America have in common is not something any of them could have done much about but is still a fact. The mothers of all the American Presidents to date were all Caucasian women. What are the chances?
It's Not Just About Winning
Winning the elections is not the end of it. On the contrary, it is the beginning of tougher times ahead. Being President of the United States is not just about governing the population of the States. It also means being responsible for socio-political stability of many other countries in the world. The United States government is the without a doubt most powerful governing body on the planet and to lead that government all falls on to the head of the President. It's amazing how this guy's been elected for that position though.


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