15 Ways To Drop Most of Your Belly Fat Within A Few Days

Jay Dawson November 22nd 2017 Lifestyle
Is there any struggle that's harder than the endless battle to lose fat? Whether it's a social function coming up or you just want to squeeze into that summer dress, there's always a reason to shed a few pounds. At the same time, there always some reason that it just keeps hanging around. Well, now there's no excuses. We've got the ultimate guide to getting rid of that belly fat, and fast. What are you waiting for?
Eggs For Breakfast
Let's start this off with something that might seem like the complete wrong thing to do, but isn't. Eggs are full of cholesterol and fat and should be avoided like the plague, right? Wrong: it's good cholesterol, and good fat, and scientists have actually proven that eating them in the morning will accelerate weight loss.
Drink Plenty Of Water
To really burn that fat you're going to have to boost your metabolism, and there's nothing better to kick start it than old fashioned water. Plenty of water - at least two liters, or half a gallon, per day. Trust us, all those trips to the bathroom are worth it.
Eat Slowly
Taking your time when you sit down to eat has a twofold effect on your digestion. First, because you're chewing more and waiting more, your body has time to digest and process the fat more efficiently. Second, you'll get that feeling of fullness before you've smashed the whole thing - and portion control is what it's all about.
And Not Just Before Bed
If you go to bed on a full stomach, you can guarantee that it's going to go straight to your hips. Everything slows down when you sleep, including your metabolism. Give it a fighting chance by eating well before bedtime.
Snack Right
Eat several small snacks a day, not just one huge banquet. Yeah, yeah, you've heard all that before, but how often do you really follow the advice? Well, it's time to jump on that bandwagon, because it really is effective.
Avoid Carbs
Unless you're running marathons every other weekend, you really don't need to load up on carbs. Besides, our bodies are still living in the caveman era, and aren't really well equipped to deal with them. Ditch them wherever possible.
Use Coconut Oil
This is the super oil that's been a secret for decades, but is finally starting to see the light. Coconut oil - whether on salads or used for cooking - will really boost that metabolism and burn the fat quickly. It tastes great, too.
Add Apple Cider Vinegar
Here's the other fat-burning secret: apple cider vinegar, or ACV. It's the acetic acid that does it, specifically targeting abdominal fat and breaking it down. Studies on obese men show that just one to two tablespoons per day can cut half an inch off your waist.
Walk To Work
Any kind of exercise will do it, really, but you have to be consistent and rigorous. Driving to work and sitting in an office chair all day is never going to work wonders on your waistline, so get active and watch the pounds melt away.
Get Bronze
Sometimes, you just need a little lifehack. When you can't budge the fat, why not just hide it? Bronzing up your skin will make you appear slimmer and more toned, so if you can't get into the sun, try a little fake tan.
Don't Drink Too Much
By drinking too much, we mean alcohol in all its forms. Excessive alcohol consumption wreaks havoc with your hormones and makes you much more likely to generate and store belly fat - which isn't the look you're going for, is it.
Eat Plenty Of Soluble Fiber
Soluble fiber has a strange but very beneficial effect on the digestive system. It forms a kind of gel after absorbing water, slowing the flow of food through the system and giving it time to digest. Which is good news for your belly, as less calories are absorbed by the body.
Sleep Well
The body needs all its cylinders firing to beat the bulge, but it can't do that if you're not well rested. Seven hours a night is the minimum - if you're getting less than that, it's going to be an uphill battle.
Stress Less
It's an easy thing to say, but in this mad, mad world, removing the stress in your life can be incredibly challenging. But the benefits for your health are immeasurable, so you have to try. Meditation, yoga, and a healthy work-life balance all help.
Stop Drinking Fruit Juice
Did you know that one of those things you thought was healthy might actually be harming your body? Fruit juice may be naturally sweet and not packed full of refined sugar, but it's still sweet nonetheless. Enough of it will tip the scales, so it's better to just stick to water.


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