Try This For 3 Days And Watch Your Eating Habits and Health Totally Change

Only if you care for your health!
Gigi Cummings September 29th 2017 Science
Dieting and weightless is not only ever present in our day to day culture but it is a billion dollar industry. Every week there is a new diet fad out in circulation promising to give you the body you have always wanted. One of the new diets to hit the internet and have everyone in a craze is the three day diet. It is a simple calorie restriction diet that will help you lose the initial water bloat and shrink your stomach a bit in order to help you eat less. As with all calories restrictive diets, once you stop restricting you will put the weight back on and then some. Instead of dieting certain lifestyle changes and diet adjustments will be more beneficial to giving you a healthy life.
Negative Associations Of Food
The number one thing that people need to stop doing is giving negative associations to food. Food is not bad, food is nourishment and it is life. Food is pleasure and celebration. Associating our negative thoughts with food will make eating a punishment. Instead make it something to be enjoyed and give it the attention it needs, honor your food as the life force that it is.
Food Is Fuel
Changing your perspective on what food is to you and your body will change your relationship with food and your health. Use food for fuel and think about the type of fuel you would want to run your vehicle (your body). Do you want to pump your body full of high fat high calories sugary processed food which will clog your engine and slow you down, or rich nutrient dense highly healthy fruits and veggies.
Calorie Restriction And Your Body
When we restrict calorie intake into our body we are basically telling our body to go into survival mode. We are saying, "time to prepare to starve to death." This act is going to turn our bodies normal way into processing food and flip it around in order to store as much fat as possible to keep us alive. We want to be fed, we want to be strong, we need to eat vibrant food from the earth to do this.
Cut Out The Bad To Bring In The Good
One aspect of diets that is across the board a good perspective to have is to cut out the low nutrient processed food from our diet. This takes a lot of will power because our culture is full of junk food and fast food and foods that are very tasty in general but add little to our diet to make us healthy and give us vitality. Having the strength to cut those things out of your diet is the first step to getting the body of your dreams.
Sugar Rush
We often consume more than 50x the recommended daily amount of sugar, without even realizing it! Sugar is put in foods that we didn't even realize contained it. Cutting sugar out of your diet is a very healthy decision, there are so many benefits to having a sugar free diet that you will see right away, including less inflammation, more energy and less cravings.
Try A Sugar Detox Plan
There are a lot of references out on the internet to help with kicking that sugar habit. Sugar can be highly addictive and many people will start to feel withdrawal symptoms at first when they do decide to drop the sweet stuff. Using a detox to help aid your body in the process of eliminating sugar from your diet could help relieve the symptoms of sugar withdrawals
Start Your Day Right
Starting your day making healthy conscious decisions is the best way to promote a healthier lifestyle and a better body. Wake up a little earlier than normal to cook yourself a nutritious breakfast. Think filling foods with no sugar and no processed foods. Quick oats with eggs and chicken sausage will keep you full and alert all morning long.
Snack Smart
We don't want our bodies to go hungry, and we don't want to sit and suffer when the hunger starts to roll in. It is important to keep healthy and protein filled snacks handy to help keep you going. This is especially important in the first three days when our body is adjusting and cravings will start to overwhelm us. Have nuts, trail mix, or fruit on hand to satisfy your tummy rumbles.
Love Your Lunch
Instead of the normal brown bag sandwich or boring tasteless salad for lunch, take time early in the week, like Sunday to do a full week meal prep for your lunches. Pre-making your lunches will not only save you time and money but you can consciously choose healthy and flavorful ingredients like quinoa, kale, ground turkey and black beans to make an amazing mexican still taco bowl.
Shape Up Your Dinner
Get creative with your dinner options when deciding what to eat. Make a interest board full of healthy recipes you want to try and buy ingredients every couple days to ensure they are fresh. Don't like to cook? Subscribe to a program like Blue Apron, they send you all the ingredients and a recipe and you just put it together! It's fresh and healthy and easy.
Move Your Body
Movement is essential in creating a new and healthy life, as well as revamping your body into a whole new you. Most of us spend all of our time sitting, at work or in a car or watching TV. Find something to get you moving, a exercise class, or yoga, or a gossip session with your friend as you go for a sunset walk around the neighborhood, don't over think it, movement is movement.
Find A Support Network
Be vocal about your desire to change your lifestyle, more than likely there is someone in your network of friends who wants to do it too. The more people you have to talk to, to move with, and to support you on your journey the more likely you are to succeed. It takes a village to make a transformation, share with people and you will be sure to feel motivated and find success.
Use All Your Resources
In the digital world, we have a million different resources to start a healthy life at our fingertips. Download some fun apps that you feel like will aid in your transformation, start a interest board and fill it with ideas and recipes. Get a FitBit and track your progress and get yourself motivated to live your healthiest self day after day. You have every resource available, use them all to create your own success.
Be Prepared To Fail
When trying to change your life, your health and your body for the better, you need to prepare yourself to fail in one way or another. Whether you have an off day where you eat a whole pizza, or you feel so tired you can't get off the couch to exercise. You will not be able to go after everyday exactly how you want it. Be kind to yourself and your body, you are doing your best, and remember everyday is a fresh start.
Love Yourself Just The Way You Are
Healthy living is good for you and your overall being and your quality of life. But no matter how much weight you lose, how healthy you eat or how much you exercise, you will not be satisfied with your results if you don't love yourself for exactly who you are. Be sure to take care of your well being and mental health when embarking on any transformation.


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