15 Hilarious Photos Of People and Animals Caught Red-Handed

Bet they feel like the unluckiest people on this planet!
Ray Porter September 29th 2017 Humor
It's only natural for all of us to have the occasional embarrassing moment out in public, or find ourselves caught in a more than compromising situation. Unfortunately thanks to the addition of cameras to our daily lives these embarrassing moments are increasingly captured forever. Ah well, at least the results are hilarious. Here are 15 of our favorite examples of people (and animals) being caught in compromising situations on camera:
The Cat Burglar
Okay, so right off the bat we haven't started with a photo of a person, but this cat sure acts like a caught out human. Seen here, this cheeky critter has bitten off more than he can chew, and doesn't look to happy to have been caught stealing his owner's food.
Pickpocket Caught on Camera
Seen here, you can see the hand of the pickpocket attempting to steal from what appears to be a tourist. In certain countries, there are an insane amount pickpockets lurking around. This is especially true at tourist sites, where pickpockets steal from distracted prey.
Strike Two!
This cat seems to have the same general idea as the first. This cat can be seen here breaking and entering to a bird's house, probably out of curiosity or because it's looking for an afternoon snack. And he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for the meddling cameraman!
World View
As Google gets more and more invasive with their Google Earth software, and continues to take photos of various residences--it is at the very least hilarious to see situations like this occur, I'm sure the last way this guy thought he would be caught was by a Google mapping car.
Forgot to Flush
For whatever reason, this kid is trying to hide the evidence, and his plan almost worked. Unfortunately, the photographer was there to catch him the act, Luckily, this suspicious moment was captured on camera and makes for a hilarious photo.
One Hand in the Bowl
This little feline friend seems to be fishing in the toilet bowl. Why? Who knows. In fact, it doesn't even look like he knows what he's doing exactly, but he sure looks like he's embarrassed to be caught doing it.
Snack Raid
This cunning toddler's snack rade is one for the books. No doubt he planned this heist for months, and was going to escape with his favourite snacks. As for his excuse--I'm sure he had something clever in mind. Maybe he could have blamed it on the cat!
This picture tells the tale of two cats. One, a clear victim and the other, a cat in the middle of committing murder. Hopefully the photographer was able to escape alive without being a victim of this cat's killing spree!
Creep with a Camera
This creepy fellow can be seen here trying to take an upskirt photo. Ironically, he himself is on camera here and was no-doubt embarrassed to see himself online. As a sidenote, you can tell how outdated this photo is by the presence of flip phones and pocket-sized photo cameras.
You've Got The Wrong Guy!
Looks like this crime wasn't one of 20,000 solved after all. As you can see, this guy is clearly walking free, maybe he pinned the crime on his twin and rode off into the sunset? That would be the perfect crime, after all.
Elephant Run
These people sure are caught alright. They're caught on camera running for their lives from an elephant. While hilarious, it must have been pretty terrifying in the moment. There are a few reasons wild animals usually don't make the wedding guest lists, and this is definitely one of them.
Kitchen Nightmares
This photo shows a woman who has clearly given up on dealing with the situation in the kitchen. Does it make us a bad person to find this photo hilarious? Maybe a little, but the woman's look of frustration in contrast to the playful destruction that the animal on her right is still committing is nothing short of perfect.
The Hunter Has Become the Hunted
Seen here, this man has fallen asleep with his food supply out in public. Naturally, a deer has come to make a mockery of this hunter by being the predator in this situation. Unless, of course, the hunter is just pretending to be asleep to lure in his prey.
The Birthday Cake? I Have No Idea Who Ate That.
Nope, no idea at all. There's really no way to tell who ate the missing treats. Could it have been this kid? No way, it doesn't seem likely at all. Unfortunately some mysteries never get solved and the culprit remains free to this day.
Parenting is Difficult, Man.
Look at this absolute nightmare. These kids have been caught white handed doing just about the most damage two kids could possibly be do with a bucket of paint. Interestingly, one of the kids in this image looks sad and guilty, but the other looks a little bit too happy to be inflicting damage to their home.


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