15 Horrible Secrets Women Hide From Their Significant Other

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Charlie Blacks II September 29th 2017 Lifestyle
Honestly, there's no better feeling in the world than coming home from a hard days work to look directly into your significant other's eyes and tell them that you love them. Love is a necessity needed by the human species in order to maintain and continue to produce in what might seem like a very cold world. But sometimes, we forget that as humans we have certain attributes and secrets that we keep to ourselves in order to protect both ourselves and the ones we love the most. With that said, check out the fifteen most commonly known secrets women hide from their husbands/significant others.
The Ex-Lover
This one pretty much fits underneath the don't ask, don't tell policy a lot of us establish early on in our relationships. As men, sometimes we're known to be boisterous about our sexual conquests and past relationships which in turn can be damaging to our current significant others. Which is why most women tend to leave out details about their past in regards to ex-lovers and their own personal conquests. Men tend to have fragile egos and knowing that another man once had her heart can be crushing which is why the ex-boyfriend and lover remain a mystery at times.
The Mother-In-Law
This happens to be a common theme in the midst of living a post-marital lifestyle. Some mother-in-laws tend to get a little pushy when it comes to their newly added addition to their family in the form of their daughter-in-laws. Some women would admit that they secretly hate their mother-in-laws and suffer in silence because no one who truly loves their significant other would tell them to disown the person that is responsible for giving them life. That would be extremely selfish so, some women choose to keep how they feel about their in-laws a secret. What men have to do in order to avoid this kind of conflict is protect his wife at all times while being considerate and respectful his mother's wishes at the same time.
The Hidden Jealous Rage
Women have the emotional capacity to hold in so much that sometimes we need to step it fellas be more communicative. Unfortunately, that doesn't always work being that sometimes even the simplest of things can make your significant other jealous. For instance, you could do everything right in a relationship, be supportive, provide when necessary and at all times, and find ways to stay physically fit and attractive, all qualities women look for and desire in their husbands. But let your husband conversate with the grocery store cashier clerk for too long or seem too friendly and that secret jealous rage hidden behind her eyes has her blood boiling without you even noticing. She doesn't come off as crazy or extremely envious so she swallows those feelings of jealousy for sake of your happiness and your relationship.
Her Lust
Let's face it, we're all human and we're all grown and we all crave sex. Yes, fellas, it's true the woman of your dreams wants it just as bad as you do. Especially, if you happen to be good at, a woman's desire to be physically pleased will become increasingly noticeable but, she won't want you to think the worse of her. For some strange reason, societal standards are not accepting of women who are openly honest about their sexual needs and desires. Personally, we're hoping this changes over time because no one should have to feel shamed for their physical desires. Unfortunately, women are willing to hide them and us as men don't always get their hints when they're in the mood.
Stepping Out
Alright, guys, before you jump out of the window with this one, let it known, not every marital relationship consists of a cheating wife or husband. It's just not true. But women are a lot more sly when it comes to infidelity and more likely to take their secret with them to their grave. Mainly because they don't want to be seen as anything less than perfect in their husband's eyes and probably don't want to admit that they were unhappy with the current circumstances of their marriage and chose to step outside of the relationship. It's dark, yes but, this is the reality that some women live.
Cash rules everything but, not necessarily your personal relationships. Unfortunately, some women choose to keep their income sources and overall gross income a secret in order to maintain their personal expenditures so that they can live comfortably without having to hassle their significant others for their wants and needs. Plus, who doesn't want to be independent? It seems more deceptive than what it really is but, if you have a trusting and open relationship there shouldn't be any reason to be suspicious of your wife's income.
Bills. Bills. Bills.
Your financial stability within a relationship should be a team effort and both of you should attack your current economic standing in way to strengthen your financial situation in order to create a brighter future for yourselves and future generations. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case and your significant other might have an unhealthy habit of retail therapy that could be secretly damaging both of your pockets. Of course, no one wants to anger their significant other because of an exceeded credit card limit so this becomes a hidden secret until the matter is handled in the shadows.
The Invalid Argument
As men, this might be one of the most confusing instances and series of events we will ever encounter with our significant others. At times, women can become aggressive in nature and pick fights without having a truly notable valid reason. Unfortunately, there is a valid reason for these mood swings but, your lady might not have the right words to express what's truly on their mind creating yet another hidden secret that you have to unlock. Relax, be supportive, allow her time to gather her thoughts, and be as communicative as possible during these times. Most of the time, these secrets that spark these small arguments will eventually come to light.
Health Issues
You'd think this is something that would be silly to hide from your life partner but, it's true. Women want to be known as the backbone of their families so, when they fall ill they tend to keep it a secret not only from their husbands but, their entire families. Women are truly amazing creatures and display signs of unfathomable strength so in the midst of sickness, they chose not to be seen as weak by hiding their ailments from their significant others. It's not fair but, is understandable to a certain extent.
Hunger Pains
Honestly, we don't think this a wife-exclusive trait and that we've all fall to the deadly sin of gluttony every once in awhile so, we have to ask... Can you blame her? Of course, your wife doesn't want to be seen as a binge eating couch potato that does nothing but scoff down Dreyer's Ice Cream and watches marathon after marathon of Law & Order: SVU. So, she keeps her eating and craving habits on the low mainly to remain unjudged by her significant other. Fellas, we can't front, we're very guilty of this as well.
Hidden Social Media Accounts
Honestly, if you have a stable and trusting relationship in the real world, who cares about what your significant other post on social media but, for some odd reason women tend to keep a few hidden social media accounts readily available at any moment. If there's no foul play going on to begin with, there shouldn't be a need to hide your social media from your husband/wife but, hopefully, these outlets are being used to vent freely without judgment from their husbands and not being used to communicate with other men outside of the relationship. This one's tricky but with faith, who cares about social media when you're with the one you love every day and every night?
The Things She Secretly Hates
For all you married couples out there hopefully you married someone who you are open enough with that something like this doesn't become an issue. Guys tend to get comfortable after being with someone for an extended period of time and bad habits tend to rear their ugly heads. For instance, you know how you suck your teeth extremely loud at the dinner table after a meal? Or how your clothes hang out the hamper after your failed Kobe impression? Well, your wife might hate those pet peeve-ish things and doesn't have the guts to tell you in order to keep the peace in the household. Be considerate.
Her Achievements
This is probably the saddest thing to hide from your significant other being that every time you conquer a goal, the first person you should be running to tell is your husband. Honestly, we believe if you have to hide or keep your achievements from your life partner that they might not be the one for you. You should always be pushing your better half to do bigger and better things but, unfortunately, not all women live in this reality and have to keep their accomplishments a secret for the sake of their relationship. Ego shouldn't be a factor in a marriage especially when one of you are triumphant in a personal goal of yours.
The Dreaded Bank Account
A lot of people hide their bank account details in their marriage but, we'd like to say that it would be a good idea to know if your significant other is financially stable and does have a decent credit rating for those large purchases that will be necessary in order to build a future with each other. But, yeah... Women tend to keep those bank statements and bank account details a secret for the sake of their own spending habits and personal luxuries. Honestly, if they're financially destructive, can we blame them?
Her Eternal Love
You might think this sounds crazy but, it's true. Some women choose not to express or display their love to their husbands because some men might take advantage of their significant others undying loyalty and love. Which in our eyes we believe shouldn't be the case in a healthy marriage but, it does happen. Women might not verbally express their love and they might keep a secret or two but, they are living proof of what love actually is. They are our rocks, necks, our windows into enlightenment and happiness and we should be forever grateful for providing life to this world and being the carriers of the universe.


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