15 Hilarious Comics About Relationship Life That Will Brighten Up Your Day

Ray Porter September 29th 2017 Humor
As you have probably already noticed in your own life, every relationship is built with its own ups and downs. At the end of the day, relationships can be emotionally rewarding, but also have their pitfalls. All relationships can be tricky to navigate at times, and there's nothing we can do about it but laugh. These comics show some of the funniest common relationship struggles that everyone faces at some time or another during the course of their relationship.
Smooth Sailing
This comic is probably a little more relatable for guys than it might be for women--but sometimes it can be hard to know what the right thing to say is. The last thing you want to do is offend someone you care about, so be careful which possible response you go with!
The Early Stages
You're never on better behaviour than you are at the start of a relationship. When a relationship first begins, you're super anxious to make yourself look as great as possible at all times. Later on in a relationship, however, this facade starts to fall apart. In fact, statistically both men and women tend to pack on a little bit of extra weight in relationships.
Competing With The Pets
After all, what's cuter than your friendly animal companion. The only time it starts to be a problem, is when you find yourself competing for affection with an animal! Sure, cats and dogs are extremely cute--but aren't you cuter? Surely?
Living By Other People's Standards
It's important to be who you really are, instead of being concerned with how you're coming across. It's important that someone likes you for you, not for the person that you're pretending you are. After all, who knows what the other person is thinking.
Straight To The Point
This comic perfectly illustrates the difference between the start of a relationship--where you're on your absolute best behavior and try to be as polite as possible--and the later stages of a relationship. Once you get comfortable around the other person, relationships tend to get a little gross.
Fighting For The Covers
If you've ever shared a bed with someone you like, you've probably encountered in the age old tradition of fighting for your fair share of the blanket. This tug of war can affect even the best of us, and it's hard to fight your instincts to be a blanket hog.
Face to Face
Social media has taken a lot of the pressure off of us to say things to each others faces. While it might not be the most ethical move, some of us are definitely guilty of breaking bad news to someone over social media. This comic takes a satirical look at breaking up with someone online.
TV's Golden Age
With an array of amazing shows available to us, and the addition of online streaming services making them easier to watch than ever before, it can be hard to remember what an actual conversation is supposed to sound like! It's much easier to talk about your opinions of Breaking Bad, then it is to find something in the real world to discuss.
Tick... Tick... Tick...
It's hard to deny that certain questions in a relationship are asking for trouble. It can be hard to defuse a match once it's been lit, and this comic takes a hilarious look at someone trying to deliver a proper answer to a terrifying question.
Alone Together
You know, sometimes people who avoid relationships say the reason is because they like to spend alone time. What they fail to realize, is that in a relationship you do get to spend alone time--just, with company. And what could be better than that?
Double Meaning
We've all had our share of weirdos on dates. This comic is a humorous look at a guy with a little bit of a strained grasp on common concepts. The punchline here makes this guy come off as really creepy, and reminds us all of someone our less enjoyable dating experiences.
Pregnancy Scare!
Pregnancy scares are a real, terrifying part of relationships. A lot of people can relate to hoping the results of pregnancy test are inaccurate, our the moment of panic that comes from finding out that you are your partner are a few days late.
Online dating isn't for everyone, and some of us are definitely feeling a little bit left out by the tech-revolution. It can be hard your average guy to do well on dating apps or dating websites, and this comic pokes fun of that.
Keeping Your Hopes Up
A wise man once said, if you keep your expectations low you'll never be disappointed. This comic is a little morbidly relatable for those of us who have had a dry spell and gone a while without finding a significant other.
Love Can Make Us Stupid
At the end of the day, despite all of the pitfalls and traps, nothing can compare to the way love makes us feel. It makes us feel an indescribable sense of joy to be around someone we like, and makes all of the ridiculous nonsense worth it.


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