15 Things Woman Only Do When They're Truly In Love

Doubtful? Think again.
Gigi Cummings September 29th 2017 Lifestyle
Women are born goddesses with an innate sense of intuition. This super power, when a woman chooses to harness it, is one of the most magical tools she can use to create the life of her dreams. Using intuition a woman usually knows pretty soon after meeting a man if he is the one for her. And after she is in a intimate relationship, he heart can tell that this guy is more than just a fling. Women are known to fall in love too quickly, but it's only because they possess this power of knowing when something is right and something is wrong. The hide their power and only give clues to their man that he's the one, you just have to pay attention.
She Only Has Eyes For You
When a woman knows she is in love, everything else in her world tends to fade into the background. That includes any other men in her life. She will blow off her guy friends to spend the night in with you, and if she gets hit on at the bar, she won't even notice until its brought to her attention. Her heart only has room for one and that one is you if you look closely.
Her Plans Are Your Plans
Any type of plans that she makes, she starts to make with you in mind. Instead of running off for a girls spa weekend, she wants to save for the ultimate beach vacation to an island you have always wanted to go. When you guys plan a movie night, she remembers exactly what movie you have been wanting to watch. Her plans are made all with you in mind because you are all thats on her mind.
She Can't Get Enough
When a woman is in love she can't get enough of her man. The physical touch is her way of confirming to him that he is all she needs in her life. When a woman is giving out her physical touch to her guy, especially in ways like touching his arm when she laughs, stroking his hair, putting her arm on his shoulder, all of these things to show him that she is the most comfortable when she is near him.
She Love You For You
Everyone has their own little quirks that can sometimes be irritating. If she is in love with you, then those little quirks or traits that you possess will become something she loves too. Not only will she accept them and deal with it, she will find them cute. She will think of you as someone who could do no wrong because her heart is completely lost in you being the one for her.
You Are Always On Her Mind
When we are in love, the trees look more green, the skies are more blue, music is sweeter and nothing can go wrong. When a woman is in love, love is the only thing on her mind. She sees her loved one in the clouds in the sky, and in the songs on the radio. She wants to share everything she experiences with her guy because she wants to share her life with him.
Her Looks Matter To Her
She knows you think she's beautiful. She knows that you are with her because you see her for the goddess that she is. But she still cant help but be self conscious when she is around you because she cares so much what you think about her. She wants to be her best self when she is with you because she holds you in such high regards. Make sure to let her know she is beautiful just the way she is.
She Wants To Share Herself With You
When a woman is comfortable with the person she loves, she is ready to open her heart to them and share every aspect of herself. If she has any doubt or if her intuition is off, she will be more guarded and hold her heart back. A woman in love wants to share with the man in love, the only person she feels ready to share her true self with, is the man she gives her heart to.
She Gives You Little Gifts
When a woman is in love, her loved one is constantly on her mind. She will come across things throughout her day that will remind her of her love and she will come to her guy bearing these little trinkets as a way to show where her heart really is. It may seem like she is just trying to be kind, but she is actually giving you a little insight into what how she truly feels.
She's Her Silly Self
Everyone has their own little secret self that they don't usually share with everyone. Their goofy, weird and embarrassing selves only come out for special people who they trust. When a woman is in love she wants to let down her guard and be the fun and silly girlfriend that she truly feels inside. Is she is this authentic person with you, she probably has feelings to run deep.
Her Future Is "We"
When she talks to her friends and family about future plans, she uses "we" in her casual conversation about everything. Choosing to use "we" instead of "me" when discussing future plans to people she holds very dear to her, is a sign that she doesn't see a future with anyone else. Her mind is set that her guy is the one and she doesn't see a future without him in it.
She Can't Stop Smiling
Love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. It radiates thought us like a light, shining out of every part of our being. When we are in love, nothing can seem to bring us down. When a woman is in love she won't be able to hold back her smile. Even on the rainiest of days, her smile will seem like sunshine. Strangers will comment on it, and people will wonder whats going on. But love is all it is.
Her Home Is In Your Heart
When you two are together, she is on top of the world. She feels like she can be herself, she is comfortable and happy. When you are not near her, she feels like her other half has been taken away from her. Like her heart has been ripped in half. Because a woman in love gives herself to her man, when he is not near her she feels incomplete.
She Loves Your Favorite Team
Maybe you grew up in the midwest and you couldn't imagine going a weekend missing a packers game. She is from Los Angeles and never really watched football, let alone have loyalty towards a team. But all of a sudden she knows all the players on the team. She is planning viewing parties at her house, and she wears your favorite jersey to bed. This is a woman in love.
She Needs Your Support
She has spent her whole life taking care of herself and being strong. She has a good group of girlfriends who are there for her whenever she needs them. Then she starts dating you and after a while you are the only person she wants to comfort her. When something hard happens in her life, she no longer picks up the phone to call her girlfriends, the only thing to comfort her is your shoulder to cry on.
You Share The Same Values
For a woman with strong intuition, she knows what she wants out of life. If you and her share the same core values and beliefs about what a relationship should be like, her inner intuition will guide her right into you arms. If she starts to talk about how she feels so lucky to be in the same wave length without about where things should go, she is probably feeling very serious about the relationship.


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