15 Fun And Fast Ways To Make Your Man Happy Right Now

Emily Malone September 29th 2017 Lifestyle
A relationship is a two way street and it takes a lot of work on both sides to keep the flame going. When the spark begins to dwindle taking the initiative to build it back up can seem daunting. Figuring what you can do to please your partner without going out of your comfort zone or participating in activities that you don't like solely to please your partner is no easy task. However here are 15 ideas of steps you can take to make your man feel loved and cared for, while also keeping your desires in mind.
Create An Open Supportive Relationship
The most key part of any relationship is open and balanced communication. Sometimes this type of communication can come more easily to women than men, so take the time to make sure that your partner is sharing what is on his mind as well. Identify what things make them happy as well as what is a stressor in their life so together you can work on moving past any obstacles.
Highlight The Parts Of You That You Are Most Proud Of
Universally a woman that is more confident will look better than her self conscious counterparts. Being so confident, especially in your physical appearance, isn't always easy. The best way to put yourself in the right mindset is to wear something that makes you feel amazing by bringing out the parts of you that you like the most. Even though it changes nothing about you it is a huge confidence boost, and your man will love your new attitude.
Create A Nice Home Atmosphere
A shared home is the couples equivalent of a sanctuary, a place where you two can withdraw from the outside world and have peace and alone time to decompress from what ever else is going on in your lives. Keeping this space a way that makes both of you happy can go miles to improve both of your mental states. This can be anything from an occasional home cooked meal to doing some chore for your partner that you know they hate doing.
Surprise Quickies
Everyone has heard, that may or may not be true, the statistic that men think about sex once every 10 seconds. It is true that men enjoy sex, but women do too! If the mood strikes you in a situation where you may not normally think to do it, watching tv in the living room or making food in the kitchen for example, go for it and you will both end up satisfied.
Take The Initiative
While you are in the go for it sexual mood, also consider taking more control than you may usually take during sex. Often we expect that the man will take the lead in a sexual encounter but if it is out of your norm it can be fun and exciting for the both of you if you decide to switch it up and lead your next time in bed.
Buy Him A Drink
In a continuation of your empowerment you can also keep switching things up by buying his drink the next time you go out. Usually men fill the role of the provider and buy things for the woman, but this can get monotonous. It can be fun for you to show that you can also provide, and for him it is a nice sign that you care. Added bonus you get to have fun drinks while you're at it.
Wear Your Hottest Outfit
We all have that one little black dress, or some similarly styled outfit, that we know is just straight up sexy. Beyond highlighting the parts of you that you are most proud of this outfit brings you into the next dimension of sex appeal. Wear it. You will feel like a starlet hitting the red carpet and your man's jaw will be hitting the floor.
Do It With The Lights On
Many people choose to have sex in the dark. Whether this is because they usually have sex before bed when the lights are already out or because they are self conscious of how they look one thing is for sure, your partner should love the way you look naked. If they don't ditch them immediately, but assuming that they do they will love to see you in that intimate moment so give daytime or lights on sex a try.
Make You Your Best Self
To be able to make someone else truly happy you first have to be happy within yourself. Happiness is socially infectious and brings all of the people you interact with up. To get to that good place in your life take some time for self reflection and improvement to find that inner balance that will allow you to shine.
Get To Know Him Better
Take a day or two in your relationship to focus on just getting to know those little details about your partner that might not come up in everyday life. Make sure at quiet times you have alone together to ask open ended questions that leave space for him to tell you what he wants you to know. By getting to know him better you will fall a little bit more in love and he will feel so valued.
Fall Asleep On Him
Men love to feel the role of knight in shining armor sometimes, it makes them feel strong and like they are filling a need in your life that no one else can fill. A simple but cute way to do this is to fall asleep all cuddled up with your head on his chest. For you it can be a comfortable and warm pillow meanwhile he gets to feel like he is holding you and keeping you safe.
Share Your Fantasies
Everyone has a different preference in bed, and for some reason many people feel awkward or uncomfortable sharing them with partners, even long term ones sometimes. Taking that step to share with your partner a secret desire you may feel too shy to share would be great for the both of you. Your sex life will improve and he knows you are becoming more comfortable around him.
Kisses Of Every Kind
A good old fashioned make out can always be fun, but if you are feeling adventurous there are many other places that you can kiss your partner to get you him in the mood. Try kissing his neck, careful not to leave a hickey from going too hard, down to his chest and stomach... or maybe even further if you are up for it!
Go For Romance Beyond Sex
The intimacy of sex almost almost always gives it an inherently romantic nature. However, there are many other ways you and your partner can spend romantic time together. Carve some time out of your schedules for each other and pick an activity you both love to do. It can be anything from a wild night out dancing to a night in cuddling and watching a movie you both have been excited to see.
Let Him See You Natural
There is a lot of focus on how getting all done up and sexy appeals to men, and it can be easy to forget that there are other looks that appeal as well. A woman who can be as confident bare faced can be just as sexy as a woman in a dress and heels so take the leap to let your man see you au natural. Added bonus you don't have to deal with the fuss of getting all done up when you look great just the way you are!


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