Did Cardi B Sleep Her Way to the Top? Azealia Banks Seems to Think So

Michael Leon September 28th 2017 Entertainment
Public feuds among artists - especially rappers - are really nothing out of this world. The bigger issue, though, is when a bitter battle happens purely out of jealousy, and that's just the case between Azealia Banks and mega sensation Cardi B. You see, Azealia has recently claimed that the famed rapper is as fake as Pamela Anderson's hooters, which has led the music industry to lose their sh*t over this seemingly non-stop bickering. Let's look at some of the many things Miss Bank$ has spit out of her mouth, and the way her opponent has reacted as a result.
Straight Out of Instagram
There's a certain innocence to Cardi B. Just look at any of her videos and you'll immediately see nothing short of a smart, down-to-Earth gal with a lot to offer. She's got quite an entrepreneurial spirit, too, which gradually led to her fame via Instagram and YouTube just a few short years ago. So it's no surprise that she's now one of the top Hip-Hop recording artists after Atlantic Records acknowledged her undeniable talent.
Straight to the Top
Her killer skills on the mic soon earned Cardi B the number one spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. In case you've been living under a rock, her very first single "Bodak Yellow" was solely responsible for everyone falling in love with this young artist virtually overnight. This has naturally led to much-deserved praise from countless artists, but also from some haters along the way.
Enter the Haters
One particularly unpleasant person immediately comes to mind, which is none other than Azealia Banks. And when we say unpleasant, that's just a polite way of calling her a total bitch. The fact that she's better known for her public feuds rather than her musical talents says a hell of a lot. So it's really no surprise that Cardi B is just her latest victim out of many more to come.
There's Potential in Azealia, But...
Before digging any further, we'd like to actually recognize Azealia for all the good stuff she's brought to the table. After all, someone who can rap, write songs and act surely deserves some praise, right? Not to mention she's already made quite a career in the studio and it's very much in her prime. Sadly, this is where all the positive talk ends. Shame, really...
Satan + Kanye = Azealia
You see, the controversial 26-year-old could easily make Kanye West seem humble by comparison. For you to better understand what we mean, Cardi B's aforementioned single managed to achieve something that very few people have yet accomplished. Simply put, she's only the second black female to hit the number one spot through a song with no feats. While that doesn't sound like much, it really speaks to her natural ability to carry the torch so fiercely all on her own.
Earth to Azealia...
This kind of success has tough girls like Nicki Minaj and other industry heavyweights congratulating the "Queen B" left and right. Except for Azealia, whom has chosen to berate and take a dump all over her instead. There's a pretty common word known as jealousy for that, but clearly the "212" hitmaker doesn't see it that way. But hang in there, because her hate speech is about to get a lot worse.
Queen of Social Media. And That's It...
It's not uncommon for Azealia to invade social media with offensive, racial, and even homophobic slurs at any given time -- and this is just on a good day. Sometimes we wonder if she received an "Insults dictionary" every year for Christmas. Hell, is it all that surprising that she, at one point, happily endorsed Donald Trump? Now you get an idea of the kind of gal we're talking about here.
The Air Thickens
Anyway, back to Cardi B. Shortly after achieving monumental success thanks to Bodak Yellow, Azealia accused her of relying on a ghostwriter to compose the hit single. That actually implies that the artist has absolutely no talent other than being a pretty face on the stage. If producers are in charge of the beat and the record label does all the promo, then what in the actual f*ck does the artist do?
Misery Loves Company
As if that's not enough, the Bronx based beauty received a so-called congratulatory message from her number one hater, stating, "congratulations too bad you f***ed and s***ed d*** for your song." Sigh... just when we thought these two were ready to kiss and make up sometime soon. It's hard to say where Azealia is going with these non-stop insults, but one thing is certain: Misery sure as hell loves company.
Is She, Or Isn't She?
Azealia proceeded to discredit her further with a full-blown racist attack, saying Cardi B was essentially a "poor man's Nicki Minaj." This may refer to the notion that (according to Azealia) there can only be one successful black woman in the music industry at a time, and Cardi just isn't black enough. Somehow she has conveniently forgotten how Beyonce and Mary J Blige were killing it at the exact same time, along with countless others throughout the years.
From a Strip Club to the Rest of the World
We have nothing against Nicki, but that comparison makes as much sense as using a match to check whether your gas tank is empty. You see, Cardi is someone who stepped up from the very bottom after leaving a very abusive relationship at age 16. Her uncertain journey led her to strip for a living, become a well-known gang member, and being brutally honest about her lifestyle decisions.
Not So Black & White
Cardi's struggles have earned her a lot of respect and street cred, and it's all thanks to her drive and authenticity. But now she's being questioned on whether she's even black??? Ninja please. There's a nasty stigma against many Afro-Latina women out there, because apparently the color black only applies to certain ethnicities and nationalities -- *rolls eyes*. So, despite being of Dominican and Trinidadian descent, she is as real and authentic as anyone can get.
The Fight is a One-Way Street
People's hatred have only fueled the "Gangsta Bitch Music" artist's fire, having appeared on other media to help empower fellow women in her former position. Her works include Love & Hip Hop: New York, Being Mary Jane, and much more to come. And while Azealia is also climbing up the ladder, no one ever hears Cardi B wishing her anything remotely close to misfortune.
Haters Gonna.... Love?
This is where things get hilarious, though, as Azealia seems to have shot herself in the foot. According to Cardi B, her favorite hater was seen thoroughly engaged with Bodak Yellow and dancing to it in a club. As a result, her only insult to the "1991" artist is simply, "One of the reasons Bodak Yellow went #1 cuz even the HATERS LOVE IT !!"
It's Time to Grow Up, Miss Bank$
Now, please hear us out and use this to improve your image: No matter how much you scream at a Delta Airlines employee, or regardless how much you despise other people for their talents, there will always be someone whose life is far better than yours - financially or otherwise. So what's the point in hating? Now go show them, Cardi, ghostwriting or not.


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