15 Important Warning Signs That You May Have a Bad Boyfriend

Does your boyfriend make the cut?
Harriet King September 28th 2017 Lifestyle
In those first few months of a new relationship, you're well and truly head over heels in love. In this state, it can be really difficult to tell if your new man is presenting some red flags, which may indicate that he's a bad boyfriend. Right now, everything they do is fine with you, and you're just enjoying riding this beautiful wave of love. But you should also be keeping an eye out for these major warning signs...
His Texting Game Is Weak
Some people simply aren't 'phone' people and were never going to be big texters, but if this doesn't describe your boyfriend, something might be wrong. If he doesn't take the time to text you, answer your calls, or even return the calls that he didn't end up answering, he's probably a bad boyfriend. Minus more points if he seems to text everyone else back immediately.
He Doesn't Appreciate You
If he takes all of your sweetness and kind gestures for granted, he's probably not worth the trouble. Thinking that your default state should be 'lovely and happy girlfriend' while he can do whatever he likes indicates that he doesn't appreciate the effort you put in for him. Unless he gets his act together, it's time to cut this one loose.
You're Not A Priority
It may seem like your boyfriend has all the time in the world for everyone else, include stupid games on his phone, and none leftover for you. If this is the case, it's time for him to shape up before he's shipped out. Canceling plans, not returning your texts, and generally putting you on the backburner is unacceptable behavior.
He's Only Interested In The Physical Stuff
Sometimes, when you meet up with your boyfriend after a tough day at work, all you want to do is cuddle up and talk. If he never seems to be interested in conversation and is always initiating sexual activities instead, it could be a sign that he's only in this for the good times. If you want more, it's time to let him go.
He Won't Open Up
Nobody should be forced to talk about things that make them uncomfortable, but if your boyfriend can't manage a simple chat about his feelings and your future together, it's probably best if you don't have that future together. Being emotionally closed off is a sign that he doesn't have genuine feelings for you or the relationship.
He's Hiding Something
If your boyfriend seems to have a ton of secrets, it's not a great sign. If he's protective of his phone to the point where he won't leave it sitting on a table while he uses the bathroom, something is definitely up. Take note of mysterious phone calls, schedule changes, and lots of texting to people who are not you.
He's Too Controlling
He may say it in a nice way, but if your man is constantly trying to tell you how to live your life, it might be a big sign that he's a control freak. These types of guys are usually very manipulative and will talk you into making decisions that only benefit them. The worst part is you won't even notice they're doing it unless you pay attention!
Everything Revolves Around Him
Take note of your conversations. Are they always about your boyfriend's life, his problems, and his opinions? If you're spending all your time together talking about him and he never thinks to ask about you, he's definitely a bad boyfriend. It's even worse if he actively cuts you off to talk about himself while you're trying to talk about your own life.
You're Always To Blame
If you find yourself getting blamed for things that are absolutely not your fault, it's time to ditch this guy. Typical scenarios include him citing time you spent together as the reason he didn't achieve something else instead. That's got nothing to do with you, and he should be learning to schedule his time properly, not blaming you!
He Refuses To Make An Effort With Your Family And Friends
We get it. Hanging out with your partner's family all the time can get a little annoying. But that doesn't mean you don't make the effort for them. Family time is simply one of those nice things you do because you love your partner and you know it's important to them. If your boyfriend won't offer you the same, it's time to go.
He Won't Say Sorry
Every couple has their disagreements, but at the end of the day, they come together and admit when they were wrong. If your boyfriend refuses to apologize in every situation, there's definitely a problem. It's a bad sign, as it shows he's unwilling to take responsibility for his own actions. He will always blame it on you or someone else.
Everything On His Terms
If your boyfriend decides on when and where your dates are based on how convenient it is for him and his schedule, he might be a bad boyfriend. It's even worse if he refuses to compromise with what works for you. Some men have even been known to sulk when the arrangements don't go their way. Time to say goodbye if this is the case.
He's Possessive
This is a major red flag you should be looking out for. At first, a little jealousy might seem cute, but don't get complacent if this behavior continues. If he won't let you hang out with your guy friends, or he obsesses over your past flames, he needs to go. Extreme jealousy can even become violent in the future.
He's Moody
You might have some relationship issues if your boyfriend is moody and can't seem to control how he acts. It's not a good sign if you feel like you're constantly walking on eggshells around him, worried that he'll blow up if you say the wrong thing. This isn't fair on you and if he won't address his moodiness, it's time for him to leave your life.
He Doesn't Respect You
Ultimately, for a relationship to thrive, it requires mutual respect. If your partner always prioritizes himself over you, treats you like you're less than him, or speaks to you like you're an idiot, he clearly doesn't respect you in the way that he should. It's time to kick him to the curb and find a man who will appreciate you for who you are!


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