Worried Child Donates 3 Dollars to Trump, 9 Months Later He Received a Huge Envelope

Ian Anglin November 15th 2017 Inspiration
Elisha Davies is a normal 9-year old child. He liked playing, going out and other stuff kids his age like to do. Elisha did have one worry though - he heard from his parents that the President of the United States, Trump, receives only $1 as an annual salary. He was worried about how Trump is going to afford to buy food and to pay his bills, which is why the kid decided to sent Trump three $1 dollar bills in January. Nine months later, he received his answer from the President.
Worried About the President
Kids are awesome, because of how naively they can view the adult world. Just imagine being 9-years old, like Elisha was, and getting worried about the President of the most powerful county in the world, because he has a $1 salary.
Trump's Campaign Promise
The reason why Trump has a $1 salary, is not because he wants to live in poverty (that's not even possible, considering how much money his companies make), but because that was one of his campaign promises - in order to reduce America's debt crisis.
He Head it From His Parents
The kid features in today's story, wasn't actually watching the news himself when he heard of this grim news. It was his parents who found out how much Trump was earning as President of the United States, and they told their son about this fun fact.
"How is he going to pay his water bill"
Elisha Davies did a few interviews after the media learned of his story. He told WBIR "I thought how is he going to eat or drink or you know pay if he needs to pay his water bill or anything." It's cute to see how kids think about everyday politics.
Saving to Buy a Mandolin
While $3 may not seem like a large sum, that could be a lot of money for a kid that had just started saving money for a new mandolin (that's Eli'sha's favorite instrument). His mom wasn't surprised by her son's generosity but didn't think anything would come out of the generous act.
"You're going to give your money away"
Eli'sha's mom continued the interview, telling reporters My first impression was like, 'You're going to give your money away again,' cause he's been trying to save it up for a mandolin but at the same time, I was like, I don't want to discourage his generosity, and I think it's sweet."
The Letter Was Sent
After his mom approved of Eli'sha's idea, he prepared to letter carrying the $3 and sent it to the president. Afterwards, the family completely forgot about the letter, as a lot of time has passed without any response from the White House.
Getting a Response Nine Months Later
After the family had forgotten they have ever sent a letter to Trump, to everyone's surprise, they received a package back. Elisha had received a huge envelope from the president - the envelope contained a picture of Trump with Pence, and the donated $3.
Trump's Response to Elisha
The envelope also contained a letter, with a written response from Trump to Elisha. In the letter, Trump told Elisha to think of more ways to make a difference in his community by using the money and to also "think big and dream even bigger."
"I think I'm going to save it"
Elisha was slightly disappointed that the president didn't need his money, but at least that made him content that everything is okay if the president doesn't need more money. Plus, he could now save the buy in order to buy the mandolin he wanted.
It Was a Wonderful Gesture
The mom told reporters that it was a wonderful thing to be able to receive a letter from the president. "It was very simple, to the point, but at the same time, just coming from the president makes it, I don't know, just wonderful," she said.
She Hopes Her Son Never Changes
It is understandable that Eli'sha's mom was very proud of her son. It takes a lot of empathy and a big heart to be able to give your last $3 to someone who is so much older and more powerful than you are. Especially if you were saving the money for something else.
There Is a Bigger Surprise
You might think that getting a letter from the president is a rare and surprising thing to happen. That's correct, but Eli'sha's story does not end there - he actually received a second package, even bigger from the previous one, but the package wasn't from Trump.
He Received the Mandolin
After Eli'sha's was broadcast on national TV, the story caught the attention of John Wildeman, who is the president of the Young Musicians Education Foundation Inc. John decided to buy Elisha a mandolin through his charity so that he can properly practice.
The Full Package
Elisha didn't just receive a mandolin from John Wildeman's charity. He received the full package - including the mandolin, strings, picks, a tuner, and a chord chart. He has everything he needs in order to become great at playing the instrument.


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