These Examples of Expectation Vs. Reality Are Hilarious in the Worst Possible Way

Ray Porter September 28th 2017 Humor
Life is tricky, and often mischievous in the ways that it decides to trick us on a day to day basis. Sometimes the things in our lives don't go exactly the way we plan them to. Because of this, the way we expect something to be is often far off from the way it actually is--sometimes with laughable results that illustrate just how silly it is to take ourselves seriously. Here are some of the funniest examples of expectations versus reality.
Identical twins?
I don't think so. It's clear that these two things are supposed to look similar, but the thing on the left looks absolutely ridiculous. It's obvious that this is the result of attempting to follow a do it yourself guide, with pretty terrible results.
Never Trust The Packaging
For me, personally, this one is pretty relatable. How many times have you purchased a burger because it looked good on the menu, or a nice article of clothing you saw in line that looked nothing like the way you expected it to.
Beauty Guides Can Be Hard To Follow
What might look flawless and easy to replicate online, might be extremely difficult to pull of in the real world. You might want to think twice about this leopard eyeliner, or you might end up looking a bit out of it, and everything but stylish.
Hair Dye
Ever tried to dye your hair cool colour? Maybe you saw a celebrity pull of a certain hair tone, or a box that promised you unique hair that you'd be able to pull off. In reality, your hair might not look as nice as you expected it to.
This Isn't What I ordered!
Uh-oh. This food fail is nothing short of embarrassing. Instead of digging into a nice slice of pizza (p.s. Why is the person on the box eating pizza with a fork? What a monster!)--you might find yourself eating a pizza that's clearly seen better days.
Living The Portable Life
Why stop here? Why not advertise that a TV can fit in your pocket too, assuming most is allowed to hang out, like what's happened here. I don't think this product's advertising is exactly accurate...unless of course this is the new style.
This deceptive little bunny is clearly pretending to be something he isn't. Although, this might actually be a rare example where the reality is better than the expectation, as that chocolate bunny looks just about all sorts of adorable and delicious!
The Alpha-Dog
We might think our dog is all cute and cuddly, but let's be real. They're the ones running the show. Rather than cuddling with your dog, you better expect your dog to be the one to cuddle with you once it's no longer just a puppy.
There's Something Else At Work Here...
What kind of black magic is at work here!? Huh? This horribly deceptive treat is sure to teach your kid that expectation (usually) always wins. I guess it's a lesson better learned sooner rather than later. Either way: this point goes to expectation.
This Panda Is Fed Up
Looks like this stick of ice cream has had enough of pretending to be a panda for your amusement. Maybe you can throw away the stick and just keep the packet or something. After all, it looks way, way better than what you actually got.
Raining Cats and Dogs
You know, we spend so much time walking our dogs around town, and helping them be active in the world. Maybe we should give cats the same treatment. Why not? Oh right, that's why. Cats are stubborn and will always do the thing you don't expect them to.
Let It Go, Let It Go...
While the Elsa cake on the left is already pretty creepy to begin with, the one on the right definitely takes the 'cake' for having a horrible execution. Pun intended. One things for sure, I wouldn't let either of these cakes be at any event near my children, out of fear they'll get nightmares.
Does A Mustache Make A Man
Mustaches can look cool and sexy on the right canvas, but on the wrong face they end up looking like a hormonal mess. Looks like Michael Cera has a long way to go from being Brad Pitt--not that we're complaining.
Raisin' The Stakes.
You know, I don't like raisins very much anyway, so maybe this one is a blessing in disguise. But the fact remains, a promise is a promise and these are hardly two scoops of raisins, and an insane about of bran flakes. Looks like someone messed here on the operating line.
Life Is The Best Example
The best example of expectation versus reality is none other than life itself. Often our plans won't go the way we want them to, or the way we thought they would in our head. But that's okay, stick with it and if you need to, find another way around. In a few years you might even look back and laugh at the obstacles you faced at the time.


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