15 Things Guys Say They Hate to See You Wear on a First Date

Harriet King September 28th 2017 Lifestyle
They'll pretend they have zero interest in fashion, but men definitely take note of what you wear on the first date. Before you get to know each other, it's one of the first things they'll notice about you, so it's wise to make a good impression. This doesn't mean you go changing your whole style for him - it's probably just best to save some of those more controversial wardrobe items for when you're a little more comfortable with each other.
Something Super Revealing
Even if you look ultra-hot, it's probably best to save your skimpiest outfits for when you're out with the ladies. If you're wearing a short skirt, don't pair it with a plunging neckline, and vice versa. Many guys are fans of the slow reveal - where they get to discover more of your body as you get to know each other.
But Don't Completely Cover Up
Keeping men pleased is often a precarious balancing act, which you may or may not want to engage in. They don't want to see too much skin, but don't cover everything up either! Sweatpants are a definite no-no, as well as any item of clothing that doesn't share a little glimpse of what might be hiding underneath.
Giant Purses
Apparently, guys aren't interested in the mysteries lurking within your mega handbag. All it does for them is indicate that you might be a high maintenance date. As ladies, we know that what we carry around is necessary, but unfortunately, it might make you look like a princess. Very unfair, but something to consider if you're out to impress.
Nothing Too Dressy
You'll have to review where the date actually is in order to make this call, but just bear in mind that men don't like it when women get unnecessarily dressed up. For example, if you're heading to a sports match, heels and tons of makeup are probably not required. Try to dress on the level you think he'll be at.
Furry Boots
In a survey that was conducted about first date clothing preferences, this item came up a number of times. Whether the men were referring to slipper-type footwear, such as Ugg boots, or some other kind of boot that has fur on it, we're not sure. We'd advise you to simply avoid fur boots in all of their forms, just to be safe!
Controversial T-shirts
There's a time and place to walk around with your political opinions plastered all over your chest, and a first date is definitely not one of them. As you get to know your date better, you can discover all of each other's' views through conversation. Entering a first date with a controversial slogan t-shirt just gets things off to an awkward start.
Too Much Makeup
If you wear makeup, try not to go overboard on the first date. Though it's perfectly obvious to all women that glitter eyelids are playful, fun, and definitely not real, men can get a little funny when they feel like a woman is trying to "fool" them with too much makeup. Try to go for the more earthy and natural look.
Uncomfortable Shoes
This is a big one. Men really dislike the look of a woman struggling to walk in ridiculously uncomfortable shoes. On your first date, wear a pair of shoes that you know you can walk at least half an hour in with no problems. You never know what he has planned, so leave the ultra-high heels at home.
Whether it's in the form of makeup or a sparkly jacket, try to stop yourself from wearing glitter or any kind of sparkles on the first date. We're not sure why this is such a problem for men - who doesn't love a bit of glitter? But if you want to make a good first impression, you should leave your extra shine behind.
Anything Prone To A wardrobe Malfunction
You've already got enough to worry about on a first date without having to try avoiding nip slips and other embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Wear an outfit that is secure and not likely to fall off, slip, or unzip. Be particularly wary of any plunging necklines that require tape to stay in place, or dresses so tight they might split after eating too many tacos.
An Unworn Item
It might make sense to you to buy a completely new outfit for your big date, but if you do, make sure you take it for a test drive first. If you don't, you'll have no idea what could happen on the night. It may have looked smoking hot in the fitting rooms, but while you're sitting on a bar stool it could puff up like a balloon!
No Bra
The jury is divided on this one, but the safest bet is to wear a bra on the first date. You never know what might go wrong in a braless scenario - even a simple weather change could affect your entire look and make your date think twice. If he likes what he sees, you may even get to go braless at the end of the night!
A Turtleneck
When being interviewed as part of a survey, one man said: "I don't need to see Katy-Perry-On-Sesame-Street-like cleavage, but I want to at least get a peek at her neck." It's another balancing act, where too much cleavage should be avoided. But a little bit of cleavage would be nice. These guys are certainly very fussy when it comes to fashion!
When it comes to hats, people either love them or hate them. Unless your first date takes place at the beach, it's best to avoid them. You never know, your man might love a good hat, but it's best to wait until the second or even third date to find out. If you expect him to leave his fedora at home, you should leave your hat at home, too.
High-Waisted Jeans
This is another polarizing item of clothing that is best left in the closet for your first few dates. An overwhelming majority of young men absolutely hate high-waisted jeans, shorts, and skirts, so it's probably better to reveal them when you're already in too deep as a couple. That way he can hardly make any rash decisions based on your clothes.


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