This Mysterious Dead Beast Washed up to the Shore in the Philippines

What the heck is that?!
Ray Porter September 28th 2017 Weird
Our world is full of thousands of mysteries. As individuals, we can all recall hearing folk tales and legends of mysterious creatures from the sea. Creatures like the Loch Ness Monster and other such tall tales. One such mystery was recently reported, as a strange deceased creature was found washed up on the island of Leyete in the Philippines. What type of creature was this, and what killed this huge, mysterious sea-creature?
Beachgoers left stunned
People near Maasin City, on the island of Leyte were left stunned by the appearance of the creature, reports say. The creature was found dead, and its corpse had already starting to decompose. There has been no clear indication of what killed the creature.
Maasin City
Maasin City is a quite city and is the capital of the province of Southern Leyte, which is located in the Philippines. A census conducted a few years ago determined that the city has a population of roughly 85,560 people.
32ft-long beast!
Initial reports say the creature was up to 32ft-long. That's huge! Think of how terrifying a creature like that would be--especially without knowing what kind of creature it was. This creature was almost unmissable due to its enormous size and location.
A Terrible, Foul Smell
Apparently the smell of the strange creature's corpse was so foul and overpoweringly bad that it had to be taken away from the beach before it could be identified! In fact, the smell was even a health risk for those on the beach at the time.
The Bureau of Fisheries
While The Bureau Of Fisheries were unsure of what the creature was, they did declare it had to be returned to the ocean. They also proposed some theories about what the creature might have been, but did not make any conclusions.
Back To The Sea
The huge, unknown creature from the sea had to be dragged back into the ocean by a towing crew, as they attempted to return the mysterious corpse to where it came from--because of fears that the corpse would attract predators and was a health-risk.
Could Not Be Buried
As the small city that lies within an island in the Philippines reported, they could not simply bury the creature due to the size. Additionally, because it had already begun to decompose, it would present a health risk if buried.
The Photographer Speaks His Mind
When asked about the situation that had occurred, the photographer who captured the event, Nujnuj Capistrano, aged 42, had the following to say, "I was surprised because it's too big and it's the first time I saw that kind of creature."
Because the creature was dead before it was found, and because it already begun to decompose, responders to the scene confirmed that it could not be identified. Additionally, because the strange creature was returned to the ocean, biologists cannot perform an autopsy to determine what it was exactly.
What Could The Creature Be?
Theories on what the creature could be have flooded the internet. Some users have pointed out the possibility of the creature being a whale but certain factors seem to conflict that. The main things that everyone stumped are the location was found, and it's size. Additionally, the photographer said he did not recognize what it was.
The Ocean
The ocean itself still remains a mystery for us land mammals. In fact, scientists say that we have explored less than 5% of the ocean. Considering the ocean makes up 70% of the planet, that means there's an entire world on Earth that we don't know much about.
Underwater Life
In general, a lot of underwater life tends to be fascinating. Some of the weirdest critters on Earth have been found within the wide, wide ocean that surrounds us. If we think of how fascinating creatures like whales, sharks and dolphins are, it's no surprise that we're still finding cool creatures to this day.
Tales From The Sea
This is far from the first unidentified creature to be reported to come from the ocean. For hundreds of years we've heard mythical tales of mermaids and even monsters like the Loch Ness, which people reported to have seen in Scotland.
Other Folk Lore
Our world is full of mysterious things and strange creatures. We've heard hundreds of reports of crop circles and strange creatures that we haven't been introduced to. We all have friends who believe in Yetis or swear they've seen Bigfoot himself.
The Mystery
This mystery, however, continues. Since there was no definitive report on what the creature was, all we have to go by are the photographs. Since the corpse is long-gone into the ocean, we may never know what it was exactly. Or at least, not until another creature of the same species is found!


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