15 Ways You Can Tell Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

You can find out right now.
Ian Anglin November 13th 2017 Lifestyle
Cheating is one of the biggest problems to affect any relationship or marriage. Not everyone is guilty of this, but for some people, cheating is simply a way of life. Most of your partners are actually going to be faithful, especially if they are older and more mature. Still, it is smart to be able to read certain "signs" your partner could be displaying, so that you can more easily find out if they are lying to you about something, or even cheating.
He Pays More Attention to How He Looks
One of the first red flags your partner can present is if he starts paying more attention to how he looks. Obviously, losing weight and wearing nice clothes is a good thing, and a sign of high self-confidence, but it is something that you should check up on, just in case.
He Smells Like Perfume (Not His)
This one is similar to the previous warning sign - it's all cool if your partner starts smelling better, as that shows that he takes care of himself. The problem arises if he starts smelling of other people's perfumes - this could be an obvious sign of cheating.
He Has Canned Responses
You will notice that your partner is becoming cold and distant if he starts giving you default, canned responses to questions. Canned responses, basically mean saying things without adding any kind of emotions or thought into them. Canned responses are a red flag.
He Is Emotionally Distant and Cold
This one is similar to the "fiving canned responses" sign of a cheating boyfriend. If your boyfriend has become emotionally distant and cold, that could spell bad things for your future. Emotionally distant people are hesitant to invest their time and energy into spending time with you.
Protective of His Cell Phone
A cheating boyfriend or husband is going to be very protective of his cell phone and social media activity. Everyone expects a degree of privacy - it's okay if your partner keeps his phone to himself, but if he doesn't even allow you to glance at it, that's bad.
Hiding His Activity on Social Media
Just like cell phones, most people are going to have a sense of privacy regarding their social media accounts. That's all normal, but if your partner has a second social media profile, or keeps certain activity hidden, that's also a bad sign.
Your Intimacy Has Changed
If your partner is cheating, he is going to become emotionally distant and cold. In turn, this coldness is going to translate is a decreased sense of intimacy. It is normal for relationship to have ups and downs, but be ready just in case, if your intimacy has changed.
He's Talking A Lot About Someone New
Some people, when they are excited about someone new, they just can't stop talking about this new person, 24/7. As usual, it is normal to be happy to meet new people, just make sure this excitement doesn't get too much out of line.
There's Something Missing
The worse your relationship is, the higher the chances of something wrong with it. This is just a law of nature - for example, if you stop seeing your partner frequently enough, then something could be going wrong with the status of your relationship.
He Was Down, But He's Now Suspiciously Happy
It is normal for every person to have their ups and downs in life. In fact, we should be happy if our partner has overcome their sadness or depression. In case your partner also shows some of the other signs in this article, you could probably check up on why they are happier.
You're Doing All the Work
One of the worse aspects of a partner that is pulling out of your relationship is that you will start doing a larger part of work required to maintain the relationship. If you start to see that this is happening, you could perhaps try to have a conversation with your partner.
Your Gut Feeling
At the end of the day, no matter how much advice you read, or what you see on your boyfriend's social media accounts, what your gut feeling and instinct tells you, could end up being right. Don't blindly follow your instincts, but do let them guide you.
He's Less Talkative
If your partner doesn't want to spend time on the phone taking to you, or when you are out he keeps looking at his phone, this could be another red flag for your relationship. As always, try to have a chat with him about it - perhaps it is just a misunderstanding.
He Changed His Routine
Sudden changes in your partner's routines and habits can be a warning sign. Naturally, if your partner was previously depressed, but is now happy and going out, that's a good sign, but try to find out what were the circumstances that made your partner happier than before.
Your Friend's Drop Hints
Sometimes, your friends or your partner's friends could be dropping hints that something bad is happening behind your back. Perhaps your friends love you too much and just do not have the heart to tell you the complete truth yet.


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