10 Things Every Kid Owned In The '90s Growing Up

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Charlie Blacks II September 28th 2017 Lifestyle
In comparison to the children of today, the '90s generation of children were on the cusp of a technological renaissance but still held true to their gritty roots and weren't afraid to their hands dirty. At one point in time, every neighborhood had their local clique of childhood friends which appears to have diminished in today's social climate. Apparently, Susan's afraid to let her son/daughter play outside because of predators and Zachary much rather stay inside and play Angry Birds on his iPad. F*** that... The children of the '90s were forced to deal with the elements and as long as you made it home before the street lights came on, you'd live to have yet another day of adventure. With that said, check out these fifteen things every kid in the '90s owned.
The Notorious Mr. Sketch
Alright, for those that remember these the brown cinnamon one was amazingly balanced while the pink watermelon smelled appetizing and of course, the black licorice scented marker was cringeworthy. These unintentionally left marks on your nose all the while preparing you to develop a sniff-based drug addiction. We don't know whose idea it was to add scents to markers but, they could have thought this one out a little further before going into production with these things.
Finger Monsters
The one thing about these things is that we never exactly knew what they were but, you can expect to receive at least several of these bad boys in your gift bag at every birthday you went to. Only to prop these rubber monsters at the tip of your fingers for a few days and expect them to slowly disappear one by one never to be seen again. We're pretty sure these ended up in a lot of dog stomachs throughout the '90s without our knowledge.
The See-Through Phone
These were a must-have item in the '90s purely based off of aesthetic, it really had nothing to do with the practicality of owning a house phone, the youth just wanted to be chic. Too bad half of us weren't allowed to keep an actual house phone in our rooms for obvious reasons, plus the embarrassment of having your mother pick up the additional landline in order for you to take out the trash or telling you it was almost time to shut it down was excruciating.
Plastic Furniture
Alright, this was just in bad taste all around. We're all responsible for even letting this s*** fly too. What made sense about owning colorful plastic furniture? Whoever curated this idea was obviously doing it as a quick cash grab because once again, there's no practicality in owning plastic furniture. It's hot, could potentially leave you dehydrated, has potential to possibly embarrassingly deflate on you in front of company, and wasn't designed for comfortability as well. For all of the '90s youth that participated in this... We should all be ashamed.
This Pencil
If you pulled one of these pencils out on the first day of school, you definitely caught the attention of those who sat around you and most likely raised a few eyebrows. The only thing that sucked about these bad boys was that if you lost the lead refills, you'd be screwed and have to switch back to the old reliable No. 2 pencil and watch your popularity temporarily suffer in the meantime.
The 'I Spy' Book Series
During reading time in school the I Spy books were an instant cheat code and a free 15-20 minute gap that required no effort or thought whatsoever yet, teachers still kept a few of these on the shelves. If these books taught you anything it'd be to pay attention to detail. Also, there was always that one dweeb of a kid who'd intentionally draw circles around all the clues and items that needed to be found. Thanks for ruining the fun, Thaddeus!
The Mystery That Is Fruit Leather
Remember these? Yeah... What exactly were these? And what does '100% fruit snack' exactly mean? All we know is these magically popped up into the food pantry and if they got too hot they'd be nearly impossible to get out of that plastic wrapper. Also, their leathery texture was also kind of weird and bothersome but as a youth, we never paid it no mind. Let's just call these a poor man's version of the Fruit Roll-Up.
The Legendary DunkARoos
If you were lucky enough to these packed into your lunch box, you instantly knew it was going to be a good day. Unfortunately, parading around your deliciously tasty DunkARoos could also result with your head bouncing off the lunchroom table as the school bully scooped them up before you stopped seeing double. These were a gift and a curse, proceed to eat these bad boys with caution.
One Of The World's Strangest Snacks Ever
Gushers. The candy and snacks of the '90s definitely wouldn't make it past the front door of many of the households today. Especially with this new found health consciousness everyone claims to have, Gushers really wouldn't be seeing the light of day and on top of that these were weird. They were overly sugary and gushed a liquidy substance into your mouth... There are many of ways we could go with this, we're just gonna leave it alone though.
The '90s, Where Gender Biased Toys Ruled The Land.
These were advertised so well but horribly executed in terms of the actual tangible product. Plus, you'd end up losing have of the knick-knacks that came inside these joints. The Polly Pocket and Mighty Max definitely had some gender agendas behind the scenes and probably wouldn't be able to make it to shelves these days with today's brand new gender fluidity that would most likely lead to outrage from parents around the nation. This another product that could only exist in a time like the '90s.
The Legendary Beyblades!
Beyblades might be a legendary status toy from the '90s being that there was a dangerous element attached to these bad boys. It was possible that one could be ripped and fly right into your forehead or come wildly spinning out of that plastic arena and terrifyingly float directly into your eye socket. Which is why ultimately these were banned from most school playgrounds and campuses, it's always that one kid with the inhaler that ruined it for everyone because his cornea got scratched.
Art Supplies Anyone?
The art supply suitcase marked the beginning of a lot of the '90s youth's creative journeys. Unfortunately, the watercolors would be the first thing to go, those safety scissors couldn't cut through the flimsiest of paper, the markers began to dry out after two uses, and the crayons and colored pencils would magically disappear after use. These were dope though, being that they weren't that expensive and you were forced to actually be creative and imaginative.
Mickey D's Trick-Or-Treat Buckets
Another nostalgic piece of memorabilia from the '90s. At one point in time, McDonald's was doing it up in the terms of Happy Meals. From watches with your favorite cartoon character on them to these notorious trick-or-treat buckets that weren't the greatest of quality but, would still get the job done once Halloween rolled around. Unfortunately, these joints would be full in less than half a block, would cut off the circulation in your fingers leaving them beat red or a blueberry blue, and were a potential fire hazard with their flammable waxy finish.
Captain Underpants
Alright, let's face it and some of you probably need to fess up right now but, the Captain Underpants book series was the last straw for all you slow readers of the '90s. These books were only purchased by your parents because they had slowly given into the fact that you either had ADD or were damn near illiterate. Captain Underpants was the last line of defense of whether you'd end up in the classroom that had its own 'special' recesses and the bell never applied to or the regularly scheduled classes of the masses.
The Legend Of The Walkman
This is the epitome of everything '90s... The legendary Walkman. The clunky device that started off playing cassettes that later advanced to CDs and please believe the makers when they call it a Walkman because that's all you could do. As soon as you began to lightly jog the skipping and scratching of your favorite *NSync CD would begin. And if you wanted to conveniently fit this bad boy in your pocket, forget about it. But with the world now distracted by their phone screens and handheld devices, we gotta admit... We miss what the '90s taught us and had to offer.


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