Famous Pop Singer Unexpectedly Announces That He Is Gay

His confession comes as a shocking surprise to many!
Christine Kings September 28th 2017 Entertainment
A person's sexuality isn't anybody's business, but when they take the liberty to announce it to a crowd full of people, it becomes everybody's business. An RnB singer ended up admitting to a crowd full of people about the stuff he's done sexually with both men and women, and he left us scratching our heads. Is he just bi-curious? Full on bisexual? Or just a straight dude trying to drum up publicity for his upcoming album?
You probably recognize Tank
He's one fine specimen from the heavens and he's mostly shirtless during his shows. He's also the subject of a recent fan video that made fans everywhere become confused about who he really is. It doesn't seem to be edited, but it is indeed shocking.
He's one fine man
There's a reason why he's almost always shirtless. It's because the gods gave him the kind of body that will make a lot of things drip, especially for the ladies. It also helps that he has a voice that's like honey.
But he was recently DMing with a transgender
It caused a major scandal amongst his fans because Tank has a fiancé and kids. Plus, he's always been a "man's man" who is always expected to have a fine-looking woman locked in his arms whenever he's out and about.
And some screenshots surfaced
But you gotta see things to believe them! Well, boys will always be boys. Amiyah's pretty, so we can't blame Tank for sliding into her DMs to get some of that sugar. Maybe he got a bit lonely while he was on the road and just wanted a friend?
Only problem is, Amiyah's an IG personality
So, the receipts surely came out in record time. It's also a wonder why Tank approached her, since Amiyah is open about her sexuality online and Tank is quite open about only going for real chicks with real parts.
Well, someone likes playing with a chocolate-y secret...
Tank also seems fixated on getting some butt action during sex. He even went as far as mentioning Amber Rose's penchant of sticking a finger up Kanye West's butt during his pre-Kim Kardashian days. Tank surely does seem to have an obsession down there.
So... Does he just enjoy rimming or is there something more to it?
He went too far and admitted that he doesn't mind getting licked on that area, stating, "No utensils in the salad! You gotta have your hands behind your back if you're gonna rock with me, real bobbing for apples type of thing."
He apparently learned it from someone older
He had his first butt experience with someone older. He said, "I don't mind putting my legs up, that's okay. I don't mind. A tongue ain't a finger. It's just not. I was a young man with an older woman. She put me on the things." That's a bit too much info over there, bud.
It wasn't really a "Mrs. Robinson" type of thing, though
The age gap isn't that huge, cause he was 18 and she was 26. It was all legal and she wasn't a mom of his friend. All she had to say was that she wanted to try something, and that was the beginning of Tank's obsession with getting his butt played.
Then, things took an unexpected turn!
The video also showed Tank admitting that he's been "sucking d***s and pulling hairs for years." That's just a weird admission, given that it was right after he said that at 41, he was an expert at eating a woman out.
Is it just a slip of the tongue or is it a real confession?
Because honestly? He was just saying stuff about how he was the master at giving pleasure to women, why suddenly shift to admitting about pleasuring men as well? Could this be just a PR move? Or him trying to control the crowd by catching their attention?
But think about how hot his baby mamma is
Just look at her. He just popped the question last January and they already have two children together. She would totally get hurt if there was any truth to Tank's "admissions" on the fan video, and well, girl, you better get a prenup on lock!
And he's proven that the pipe is working down there
Aside from his two other kids, he's also had three kids from his previous relationships as well. While this may not prove his straightness, it still isn't enough evidence to justify his statements as a "joke". So what's the real deal, Tank?
Is he or isn't he?
You don't see Drake or Kanye posting things like this on social media. Maybe Tank is just so damn comfortable with his sexuality that he's open to wearing heels? Or probably a PR move since a new album of his is about to drop.
But let's see where things lead in the future
It's none of our business, but hopefully he confesses things clearly the next time around. We're all curious over here, Tank! Just let us know what's the real deal and we'll be happy for you whatever your true sexual preference is.


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