Cop Killer Walked Into Court And Everyone Was Stunned When They Saw His Face

Harriet King September 27th 2017 Entertainment
Everybody knows how devastating it is for the police force when one of their own is killed. It's not uncommon for the whole department to show up to both the funeral and the trial of the killer. It's even totally normal for police officers who never met the victim to attend. It's also fairly well known that police might try to 'get even' with a cop killer. But nobody was expecting the shocking scene in this Rhode Island court...
Beaten To A Pulp
Estaban Carpio caused an entire courtroom to gasp at the sight of his beaten and bloody face when he arrived for his hearing. Handcuffed and barely able to open his eyes, Carpio was forced to wear a mask, due to how badly he had been abused. But even the sight of his swollen eyes was enough to shock everyone in attendance.
Accusations Were Flying
His family couldn't believe their eyes when they saw Carpio's face, and immediately accused the force of police brutality. Now a large social issue plaguing the USA, police brutality is coming under fire more and more. Nobody could argue that what Carpio did was right, but the police can't legally beat him to a pulp like they did.
He Killed A Detective
Just one day earlier, Carpio killed Providence Police Detective Sgt. James L. Allen in Rhode Island and was charged with murder. Unlike most situations where a police officer is killed, this murder didn't take place on the streets. Detective Allen and another officer had been questioning Carpio inside a three-story building about the stabbing of Madeline Gatta, an 85-year-old woman.
It Came Out Of Nowhere
When the officer interviewing Carpio alongside Allen had to leave the room, all hell broke loose. While the two men were alone, Carpio grabbed Allen's gun and shot him twice. The detective was rushed to hospital, but unfortunately, it was too late. He was pronounced dead on arrival, and Carpio officially became a cop killer.
He Jumped Out Of A Window
Carpio must have realized almost immediately that he'd made a mistake of epic proportions, because he then decided to jump out of the window. Remember, this was all taking place on the third floor! We're not quite sure how he thought he was going to get away, but he wasn't on the run for long. He was caught 45 minutes later.
He Killed A Veteran
Detective Allen had been in the game a long time - 27 years, to be precise - and it was a huge blow to the tightknit police community. He was 50 years old at the time of his death and he was buried at St. Thomas Church, the same place he was married and his daughters were baptized. The turnout for his funeral was unbelievable.
Negligence On The Job?
Given the tragic outcome of the day, questions started to be asked about police conduct with Carpio during the questioning about the stabbing of Madeline Gatta. Carpio was not handcuffed, which allowed him to grab Allen's gun and shoot him. However, the reason he wasn't handcuffed was because he hadn't been charged and was only being questioned at the time.
Not The First Crime Of Its Kind
In the same year, a judge was murdered by a man who snatched a gun from a court deputy. He was on trial for rape and became enraged during the court proceedings. Since the detective's death, metal detectors have been installed in Providence Police buildings. However, as others have pointed out, this still wouldn't have stopped the killing of Allen.
Mayor Gives Moving Tribute
David Cicilline, Mayor of Rhode Island at the time of the shooting, spoke some meaningful words about the senseless killing of Detective Allen. "Jimmy Allen passed in the noblest way possible. He gave his life trying to make our lives safer, he died a hero," he said. We couldn't agree more about the tragic and untimely death.
They Denied Police Brutality
The officers responsible for Carpio in court defended themselves against accusations of police brutality. They claimed the use of the mask was in place purely because Carpio was likely to bite or spit on people in the courtroom. To be fair, he had definitely proven himself as a loose cannon, so maybe they had a point!
What About His Injuries
Okay, so the mask was explained away, but what about his obvious facial injuries? Carpio could barely open his eyes, they were so swollen! Officers claimed that the reason he looked so terrible was because he had jumped through a third-floor window just one day earlier. But how do you get two black eyes from jumping out of a window?
There Was More To The Story
Eventually, police had no choice but to admit that they had been a little rough with Carpio. Police Detective Christopher Zarrella, one of the officers who arrested Carpio, admitted to punching him three times in the face. The punches broke bones in Carpio's face, but a separate FBI investigation ruled that excessive force wasn't used against Carpio.
Carpio Took A Wrong Turn In Life
Formerly a barber in Boston making an honest living, at some point Carpio turned to a life of crime. He became a pimp and a drug dealer and was known to police in the area. Though he maintained a close relationship with family, especially his mother, to the rest of the world he was a very dangerous man.
He Pleaded Insanity
During his trial, Carpio's lawyers attempted to plead insanity. However, nobody was fooled when details of the shooting emerged. When he was being questioned by Detective Allen, the second officer left the room after Carpio asked for a glass of water. This revealed that he had premeditated taking Allen's gun and it wasn't as spontaneous as he had originally claimed.
Life Sentence
Carpio didn't take the stand during the trial, as his lawyer claimed he was in the "throes of psychosis." He claimed he was unable to control his behavior due to drug addiction. However, after medical evaluation, the court rejected his insanity plea and sentenced him to life in prison without parole. He wants the conviction overturned, but it is highly unlikely to happen.
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