11 Most Dangerous Snakes In The World

Cole Damon November 7th 2017 Entertainment
Ah yes, snakes! They truly are the devils from hell slithering their way through the earth, destroying everything in their path! While that is true, you simply cannot deny their beauty. Deadly but quite beautiful! Yeah, not all snakes are deadly but some are really true to their nature. If not through their power bodies wrapping around you and crushing every bone in your body, the job can quite easily be done by the venom in them.
But people are snakes
Ah yes, people are, no doubt. But they can never come close to how real snakes are. You know what they say, you can never get the real thing! The kind of snake that people are may be destructive to you but you'll still survive. Remember when Jafar turned into one?
Such beauties!
It's funny how something that looks more of a fancy, colored rope can be admired by so many. However, when you actually see one in real life, you understand just what all the hype is truly about. These beauties can kill you with just one bite!
How about pets?
Yes, some people keep snakes as pets but that still doesn't make them any less dangerous. No matter what you do, you can never pet a pet snake and that's rule number 1 of, well, pet snakes. Remember, they may sometimes look cute but they're serpents and serpents are never nice!
Which ones are deadly?
Well, all of them but if you're really looking at snakes that could be the death of you then you've come to the right place. It's not easy making this list because there are just too many to count, however, here are a few that you need to avoid at all costs:
#1: The Brown Snake
Found on the plains of Indonesia and Australia, the Brown snake is known to be the second most venomous snake in the world. These belong to the "Elapid" species and it's no doubt that these are considered the top most dangerous snakes on the list.
#2: The Rattle Snake
The rattle snake is not doubt amongst the list, you commonly find them hidden away under sand dunes and can only tell they're there by the sound of their rattler. These snakes normally make the sound when danger is lurking nearby but that's only to warn their predators off. Talk about being fierce!
#3: The Taipan
They look adorable, that's for sure, but don't take their looks for granted because sometimes it's the looks that can kill! This snake is considered to be much worse than a Cobra and it's bite contains enough venom to kill at lead 100 people.
#4: King Cobra
Oh yes, who hasn't heard of the infamous King Cobra? Although we've established that the Taipan is much worse but that still doesn't take the spotlight away from this beauty. Unlike the Taipan, the Cobra also looks deadly so you know to stay away!
#5: The Tiger Snake
The Tiger Snake has venom that is powerful enough to reach the level of being neurotoxic, myotoxins and hemolysins. That means it's powerful enough to kill at least 10 elephants at a time. This will really make you question the viciousness of the Cobra!
#6: The Climbing Saw Serpent
The Climbing Saw Serpent of the Echis is known to be the cause of death for majority of the people around the world. This serpent may not look like much but it's certainly reached the list of snake you absolutely must not pet!
#7: The Black Praire Mamba
As the name suggests, it's black and is known to be amongst the fastest snakes in the world. It possess a poison so toxic that it is can make a fully grown man collapse within 45 minutes after a bite. Be careful with this one, if you encounter it, run like the wind!
#8: Cobra Filipina
This snake is extremely poisonous and belongs to the category of spitting snakes. That means even if you're a mere distance from and yet manage to come in contact with its saliva then you'll be immobilized. Their bite is known to cause respiratory paralysis.
#9: The Blue Krait
This particular kind of snake belongs to a group of aquatic snakes and it basically feeds on other snakes. They're generally quite aggressive and chase their prey using sea as well as land. Without needing any rest, they are able to do well and take their prey's life.
#10: The Dragon Snake
Located in the jungles of Southern Mexico, this snake is known to be amongst the very few. Good thing of that too because its venom is known to be lethal enough to kill over 600 people in seconds! It's basically known to be the devil reincarnated to a snake.
#11: The European Snake
This snake is known to possess a passive behavior but when it feels threatened, it's nothing short of a nightmare to deal with. The European snake possesses deadly poison that is known to be the main cause of death amongst people in the olden continent.


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