15 Weird Photos Raising Questions That Even A Rocket Scientist Cannot Ans

This is creeping me out
Jay Dawson September 27th 2017 Science
Cameras are meant to be unintelligent. You point and they click - and at that moment, they can only capture physical reality. Everything you see is what was in front of your face when you pushed the shutter button. But sometimes, what the photo shows is just about as far away from reality as you can get. Somehow, and some way, the camera caught something truly bizarre. Just try and explain what's happening here...
15. The Dog Log Log Dog
This photo could genuinely be the next version of The Dress. Was that white and gold or black and blue? And is this a dog with a log for its hind legs, or a log with a dog for its top half? How does it poop, and does it poop woodchips? Is its bark worse than its bite? And does it play fetch with itself?
14. Amazing Camouflage
Remember that version of Where's Waldo (or Where's Wally, for the non-Americans) where Waldo had gone missing in a land full of other Waldos?. And how it would take about five hours to find him, by which time you'd torn out the page and thrown it into the closest fire? Well thanks to this guy's keen fashion sense, this is exactly the same scenario. Except you'll never find him.
13. Pickle Fingers
In our opinion, having a pickle for a finger would be pretty sweet. Maybe not for anyone you have to shake hands with, but certainly for yourself. Any time you get hungry, you can just take a lick for that delicious vinegar and dill taste. Dip it into a gin and tonic to freshen up your cocktail. But having a finger for a pickle? That's just off.
12. Shoe Waffles
Hipsters are obsessed with Instagramming their various brunches, and hipsters are also obsessed with shoes. So it's only natural that at some point in time, the two should meet. And whaddayaknow? It actually looks kinda delicious. As long as they gave us a knife sharp enough to cut through the rubber, we'd probably eat this.
11. The Dog Palace
Pets get treated the same as humans these days, and in fact they're often treated even better. But this is the first time we've seen a dog treated so well, he's basically had his own bachelor pad built for him. Complete with wall-to-wall aquarium. There's only one problem, apart from the nightmares this is going to give a young puppy, and that's that half of the kennel is taken up with that monstrosity. There's not actually anywhere to sleep comfortably, which is really all that dogs care about.
10. Street Toasters
Sometimes, you look at a photo and just think, "why did they even bother"? On the other hand, the fact that someone spent all that time setting up this bizarre shot instead of, you know, earning a wage or making the world a better place, is kinda cool. Though we still don't know how any of this was even physically possible.
9. Worst Hangover Ever
At first glance, this guy is having the worst day of his life after quite possibly the best night of his life. But if you think about it, there's probably no better way to spending a roaring hangover. He's got a chair, a smoke, and a nice refreshing bath, all at the same time. What more could a man want? Toss him a cheeseburger and he's set.
8. The Mystery Face
Don't look at the two pretty girls in this photo. Look lower. Then lower again. And then ask yourself like we did, "what the hell is going on here?" We're pretty sure that whatever it is, it's illegal in about three-quarters of the 50 US states. Or at least, it should be. Because we'd really like to not see this again.
7. Centaur Woman
Amateur monster hunters and Harry Potter buffs don't need to head into the woods to find a magical creature - they can just look in the local park. Though with two heads, a human one and a zebra one, this isn't your average centaur. This is a new and undocumented species and possibly on the brink of extinction. Protect this zebra-woman-horse-jacket thing at all costs.
6. Crocs And Beans
At last, something that not even famed experimental chef Heston Blumenthal would dare to dish up. We have to admit that the care gone into this tinea and bean soup is incredible, especially the individual beans stuffed into each air hole in the Crocs. But the mystery chef of this revolting broth has forgotten the golden rule of cooking: your diners aren't supposed to get incurable diseases from your meal.
5. Hairy Legs
We should make fun of this picture, or people with hairy legs at all. But we can't help it, especially when they're highlighting the fact with a very sticky wax roller. That's just asking for a few pointed comments. This photo also needs some professional medical advice. Specifically, how much incredible pain would this guy be in right now?
4. The Little House On The Skyscraper
Architects, as the saying goes, are like engineers but without any math skills. Give an architect any leeway, and they'll go crazy with the most ridiculous designs. Like this house, perched on a 45-degree angle on the top of a tall office building. Clearly designed by architects, drawn by architects, and approved by architects. Not a single understanding of the laws of physics in sight.
3. Bread Attack
Everyone's heard the legend of the Candy Man. Say his name three times in the mirror, and he'll come out from another dimension to rip you to shreds. But few know of his slightly lamer brother, Sliced White Bread Man. Trip over that tongue twister three times while looking in the mirror, and incredible horrors will be visited upon you. Horrors beyond your wildest imaginings. Basically, a lot of bread.
2. Weird Nails
It was probably only a matter of time before people got bored of painting their nails and found a different way to express their creativity. Lo and behold, zig-zag nails. Totally impractical, of course, unless you need to put a perforated line on a piece of paper really quickly, but still pretty cool. And a handy surprise in a fist fight.
1. Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants
Have you ever been a bird? Don't answer that question, because we were being rhetorical. Of course you haven't been a bird. At least, we hope not. Anyway, being a bird is tough. They make it look so effortless, gliding through the thermals with ease, but the reality is that flapping your wings all the time really is as tiring as it sounds. Sometimes you need a break, but you're also totally late migrating this year. This guy's really just using the bird equivalent of Uber.


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