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That's thicc
Charlie Blacks II September 27th 2017 Entertainment
First and foremost, let's have a little conversation about the meaning of the word thick. In no way, shape, or form is the term 'thick' a negative attribute. Matter of fact, it is celebrated in many communities and even is considered an achievement in today's realm of social media. Women's weight yo-yo throughout their lifetimes in which you'd think many would judge harshly but, nope... The fellas love a little extra meat on those bones. Especially, when it comes to superstar entrepreneurs like Rihanna who's been turning heads left and right by adding a few extra lbs in all the right places. Don't believe us? Take a look for yourself.
Humble Beginnings
Let's get one thing out of the way, Rihanna herself can admit that she wasn't always the superstar bombshell that she is now and is very open about her Barbadian roots. She had a turbulent childhood mainly due to her father's addiction to cocaine and alcohol which ultimately led to the demise of her parent's marriage. She grew up in a three-bedroom bungalow in Bridgetown, Barbados and sold clothes with her father on the street from a stall. Her story is somewhat Cinderella-esque if you ask us.
Her Real Name Actually Isn't Rihanna
Alright, so this partially true. A lot of people in the entertainment use stage names in order to protect themselves and their anonymity. Well, in Rihanna's case that remains the same as well. Majority of her true fans were shocked when they found out that her real name wasn't Rihanna but, rather Robyn Rihanna Fenty. If you ask us, this personal tidbit might catch her attention if you were to refer to her as Robyn in public rather than her stage name. Both are suitable for such a beautiful human being.
Rihanna Meets Jay Z
Rihanna being introduced to Jay Z was the turning point in this young woman's life, especially being that she'd never have to worry about her financial status ever again. Her demo came across the desk of Hov back in 2005, where Rih-Rih was called into a meeting at the Def Jam Recordings office where Jay Z led the leading title at the time. Rihanna auditioned for Jay and few execs and the Brooklyn-bred MC was so impressed he signed her on the spot which required Rihanna waiting at his office until 3am until lawyers arrived to draft the final contract.
Triumph Over Tragedy
We think we've all heard this story before but, this particular incident plays a huge role in how Rihanna came to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Most of us know that Chris Brown and Rihanna have shared one of the most controversial celebrity relationships of the past decade, mainly due to the domestic violence incident that took place on the evening of the 51st annual Grammy's in February of 2009. Which in turn provided, even more, supporters for the famed R&B star and one of the greatest musical comebacks in recent history.
Now That That's Out Of The Way...
The gods have blessed us with the presence of thick Rihanna! Praise his name! With Rihanna entering her late 20s, currently at the age of 29, she's packed on a few pounds and somehow, someway all of that weight is in the exact right places. We didn't expect for such a pleasant surprise to go down but, we're definitely not upset and Rih-Rih's new found 'assets' if you know what we mean.
Perfect From Every Angle
No matter how you try to twist and or spin it, Rihanna's extra meat is salivating-worthy. Not only does she look delicious she's been running the music scene in a multitude of different ways. Whether it's hopping on collaborative tracks with the likes of T.I. or Eminem or scooping up her first Grammy with her mentor Jay Z in 2008 for the Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for her breakthrough single 'Umbrella'. Not to mention this particular song is one of the best-selling singles of all time... Just sayin', the girl knows how to curate good music.
Keep It Casual
Thickanna deserves to be comfortable in her own skin and take to the streets in casual wear, she's been running the music game for over a decade now. From 'Pon De Replay' a dance-based Island-inspired track to her latest studio album in Anti, Rihanna's been doing insane numbers in the record sales department exceeding a total of 230 million sales worldwide! Not only is she mouth-wateringly appealing she's definitely got the world listening to what she has to say based on talent.
Give A Show, Let Them Look.
Rihanna recently took her newly found shapely and curvaceous body down to Cuba and met up with Vanity Fair in between meeting with the general public and curating philanthropic projects to help the citizens of the country. Since, Barack Obama's lifted embargo with the country we've seen celebrities and sports figures like Carmelo Anthony, Kanye West & Kim Kardashian, Jay Z & Beyonce make visits to the culturally filled country of Cuba. Honestly, it looks like a beginning to a beautiful relationship between the United States of America and Cuba is blossoming right in front of our eyes.
Rih-Rih Deserves A Trophy
Not only does Rihanna deserve praise for her newly transformed soft and supple appearance. She also has racked up quite the award shelf including eight Grammy Awards, twelve American Music Awards, twelve Billboard Awards, a Fashion Icon Lifetime Achievement Award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America back in 2014, a multitude of other accolades including the recent Shoe of the Year Award for her Fenty x PUMA Creeper from Footwear News as well as being named one of Time Magazine's '100 Most Influential People In The World' and continues to rack up the accolades and trophies year in and year out.
Live Your Life
At one point in time, Rihanna's public image in regards to men was that she was a maneater and personally, we wouldn't mind being her next meal. For someone who's supposedly dumped the likes of Chris Brown multiple times and for obvious reasons, Drake, who probably cried after receiving the news, and even Leonardo DiCaprio Thickanna's reputation may precede her. Someone of her stature has to have a hard time finding love in such a hectic environment and in the midst of a busy schedule but, if she's taking applications we'd be the first to enter our credentials and resumes.
Rihanna x The Crop Over Festival
If you've been living underneath a rock for the past decade, you probably would have no idea that Rihanna is an annual attendee of the Crop Over Festival that's held in Barbados every year. This lusty festival is held in celebration of the harvest season of the Caribbean island that dates back to the time of African slaves and sugarcane plantations that produced tons of revenue that island residents deserve to receive until this day. The women of the festival dress in decorative costumes flooded with rhinestones, jewels, and feathers and as you can see in the image above thick Rihanna does it again only providing us with more lusty imagery of the megastar.
Center Stage & The Silver Screen
Not only is Rihanna an international music phenomenon, she's also done some work on the silver screen as well when she starred in the 2012 film Battleship as Cora Raikes, she also starred in the 3D animated film, Home, and played a recurring role on the popular television show, Bates Motel, as Marion Crane on the fifth and final season of the coveted program. We have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more of Rihanna on the big screen in the future as well.
Rih-Rih Loves Her Bud
There's one thing about Rihanna that's never been a secret... She loves smoking weed. Whether it's in public or the privacy of her own home, she shows no remorse for puff, puff, passing the joint between herself and her crew. One might think this would damage the islander's public image but when you don't care what the general public thinks of your personal life no one can really use it against you. We have to salute Rihanna for being as open as she is, stay smokin' ma.
B**** Better Have My Money!
When you're paid, you tend to eat well which is partially why Rihanna has probably packed on this beautifully proportioned amount of weight. Life's good for her right now and with her being worth an estimated $230 million who tells her what to eat and what not to eat or to constantly be in the gym in order to acquire an unrealistic image of women that is portrayed throughout society and constantly crammed down our throats. Rihanna coming to terms with her body image and celebrating her body as is is just another reason to love her.
Rihanna & Her Philanthropic History
We could spend all day talking about what Rihanna has done for those in the midst of tragedy from her donations to food banks or performances for cancer research but, she's curated her own foundation named after her grandparents known as the Clara Lionel Foundation which was found in 2012. A foundation that funds educational programs, the Clara Braithwaite Center for Oncology and Nuclear Medicine which is running at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados. Every year, she throws a fundraiser ball known as the Diamond Ball which brings all of her celebrity friends together for a good cause. During her inaugural annual event that started in 2014, she was able to raise over $2 million and the number has been increasing ever since. With that being said, not only is Rihanna's thickness an added element to her physical appearance, she's also got a pure and charitable heart.


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