How To Successfully Meet Women On Tinder In 5 Easy Steps

Jay Dawson July 28th 2017 Lifestyle
There's nothing quite so useful for the modern lad as Tinder. After hundreds of similar dating sites and apps, Tinder has become the go-to app for casual and easy hook-ups. But as more and more guys get on board, the harder it is to get laid. The stats alone are not in your favor: men swipe "yes" on about half of all women, but women only swipe "yes" on about 15% of all men. So, how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you game Tinder so hard that you're always in that 15%? Here's how...
Upload These Exact Types Of Photos
There really are so many mistakes that dudes make when they're setting up their Tinder profiles. And the biggest one is their photos. It's the absolute first impression you make on your potential date, so it has to be strong, to the point, and not lame at all. Don't worry too much about the text on your bio, because if your photos are good enough, nobody will read that anyway.
You need to have at least five photos. Somehow, that's the magic number. Any less and the girl's not going to "know enough" about you, and too much more and she'll get bored. First is the profile shot. Don't go full body, and keep your damn top on. Look away from the camera, too, but not too emo. Then the other four photos: one of you doing something sporty or scary, one of you with friends (make sure they're hot friends), one of you smiling into the camera, and finally one of you relaxing. That's it. Don't try and get creative here, it'll just look weird.
Have A Strong Opener
Hopefully by now you're getting way more matches than before. The next step is a strong first line. Without this, you're cooked. Every girl on Tinder is going to be getting five matches a minute, so you really have to hook her from the get go, and make her interested enough to keep the conversation going straight away. There are two options here: a funny/silly/direct (though not filthy) line that you use for every girl, or a totally custom one.
This one's up to you which one you choose. Of course, it's going to be much quicker to use a ready-made one-liner, and if it's really, really good, you may as well hold on to it. Customizing one based on the girl and whatever's going on in her picture will take longer, but you'll probably get a better response that a line that she may have heard before. It's up to you - just keep doing whatever works.
Switch To WhatsApp / Message As Soon As You Can
Messaging on Tinder is fine and all, but it lacks one key thing: you don't have her phone number. Digits are essential in this game, because it means you can call her instead of going all-text. Early on in the conversation, ask her if you can make the switch over to WhatsApp or regular messaging. Just say that you hate Tinder messaging or make up something like that, and get her number. Then move the conversation, and call her.
Yes, yes, we know that calling people, actually talking to them directly on the telephone, is soooo 1990s. Nobody does it anymore. It's scary and awkward and it's totally interrupting you. But wait. Hear us out. Trust us. Deep down, girls especially, people love being called on the phone. Setting up a date, chatting directly, and hearing their voice is actually more fun, and it's a lot easier for flirting. Not only that, it's a lot less annoying than waiting for people to message back. Don't be shy - call them.
Arrange A Date / Meetup For That Week
While you're on the phone, actually, you should be arranging a date for that very week. Don't waste time, and don't drag it out, because the longer the phone calls and messaging go on, the less likely it is you'll get into bed with them. You might end up with a good friend (if that's what you're looking for), but the initial sizzle of seduction and flirting will cool off within a matter of days. Leaving you cold and alone.
Don't worry about the fact that you don't know this girl at all, and you haven't had time to find out what she likes. When it comes to the first meetup on Tinder, it doesn't really matter too much. All that matters is that you take charge - don't ask her what she wants to do - and choose a location, time, etc. all by yourself. If you really want to impress her, just ask her what her favorite books or movies or bands are, and then tell her you'll choose the location based on those. Oh, and by the way: don't invite your mates on the date.
Show Your Intent
If you're reading this guide, there's a pretty big chance you're on Tinder for one thing, and that's to hook up. Guess what? Although they do a lot of rejecting, and a lot of chatting, girls are pretty much the same. They're using Tinder to have flings with guys too. It's just that unlike guys, they usually look for some kind of emotional connection, some nice personality, before they invite you to your bed.
Basically, if you're there just to sleep with women, don't be afraid to show your intentions, and do it early. You don't have to say it directly, but a phrase like "I'm just looking to have some fun" gets the message across pretty clearly. Honesty is the best policy, and girls will appreciate that you're not messing with them. When it comes to the date, get into a deep rapport early, and get started with the touchy feely as soon as it feels right. You'll be hooking up in no time.


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